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New Atari XE NTSC U.S. Game Machine

Includes Atari Light Gun, Atari CX40 Joystick, Bug Hunt Light Gun Game Cartridge, Flight Simulator II Game Cartridge with Manuals, built in Atari Missile Command Game, Atari Basic Language and XE Game Machine Keyboard Manual.  CB102220  Sold Out

XE Game Machine Auto Switch Box Upgrade Kit!  With this Atari XE Game System Upgrade Kit installed, you will no longer have to reach behind your TV / Monitor and side the manual slide switch on your mechanical Cable Ready TV switch box from Game / Computer to TV ever again.  All you have to is to turn on your XEGS and the normal XEGS screen will show up on your TV.   This Best XE Game System upgrade Kit comes with the New Atari Jaguar Auto sensing TV Switch box ($9.95) with built in Atari RF cable, New Atari Jaguar Auto sensing XE Game System US RF Modulator ($15.00) and English Installation Instructions.  This Atari XE Game System Upgrade Kit requires the ability to Solder and Unsolder the old XEGS RF Modulator.  US XE Game System version Upgrade Kit CB103059 $21.95

German version of the Best XE Game System Auto Switching Upgrade Kit.  CB103059-GRM $21.95

UK version of the Best XE Game System Auto Switching Upgrade Kit.  CB103059-UK $21.95


(400 / 800 / 600XL / 800XL / 1200XL / 65XE / 130XE / XE Game Machine Atari 8 Bit Products only) (C) = Cartridge  (D) = Disk (Cass. Tape) = Cassette tape(s)

All Software printed Manuals / Books are in English, All Atari 8 bit Computer Cartridges / Software are NTSC / US versions unless noted.

To aid your Atari Software selection process, Best Electronics has taken the extra helpful step of writing a short description of each Atari Software / Firmware Title in stock and has also done extensive research testing on the Atari software titles we have in stock.   With each new generation Atari 8 bit computer developed over the 15+ year product life span, Atari would continually Upgrade their 8 bit Computer internal Operating systems, so you will find that some of the Atari and third party Atari Software titles, will only run on certain Model Atari 8 bit computer(s) or have certain Minimum Computer memory requirements to run properly and are noted in the software description.

Most Games require a Joystick(s) unless noted.

All Titles are New in the box, unless noted.   Most of the Atari titles we have in stock, came right out of the local Atari Sunnyvale Warehouses.  Many were in the Atari Warehouse Stacked on Pallets of Master Boxed software/games and some were just Loose software titles plied on pallets stacked on top of pallets.  These Atari software Titles were in the Atari Warehouses for 8 to 17+ years, moved around many times (and between the 7 to 10 different Atari warehouses around the World) and reboxed into master cartons over and over every inventory they took.  A Few Atari (not all) Software boxes may have a Minor dent, Scuff mark or crease in the outside of the New boxes after 20+ years of total handling.        

Atari Brand 8 Bit Game Software

Atari Ace of Aces.  You are in the Cock Pit of your RAF Mosquito Fighter Bomber.  4 different Missions and 3 different Practice Missions.  1 player   (C) (800XL / XE only).   RX8099   $39.95 

Atari Ace of Aces, cartridge only, no instructions.  RX8099-LM   $20.00

Atari Animated Puzzle Prototype Game Cartridge.  This Education Atari game cartridge has 4 levels of play, three different screens.  For Ages 4 to Adult.  Animated Puzzle has the same type of play as the old hand held small plastic sliding plastic tile puzzle game you played as a child.  You have three different screens to chose from (a Toy Train screen, Toy Soldier screen or Nutcracker Dancers with a Cat, Child and English Bobbie on one screen) with four levels of play.  When the Animated Puzzle Game 1st starts, a complete picture of the item is displayed, when you push the start button on the Atari computer, the Atari computer starts to move squares of the screen / display to different location on the screen.  The higher level you play, the more picture square moves the computer makes.  When the Atari computer stops moving picture tiles, you are timed on how long it takes you to slide the different relocated picture tiles back to the original picture screen.  Train Screen has Trains sounds, Toy Soldiers screen play the Nutcracker Music.  Prototype Atari Cartridge with white paper label, no box, no instructions.  This Prototype Atari Animated Puzzle Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari.   (C)  CB102946 $25.95





Atari Asteroids.  Your spaceship is in the middle of a gigantic cloud of Asteroids you must pulverize all the Asteroids in you path to escape!  1 - 4 players, 4 game variations  (C).  CXL4013   $25.95

Atari Asteroids, cartridge only, no instructions.  CXL4013-LM  $15.95









Atari Barnyard Blaster.  You and your Grandpa just put your life saving into buying a small farm.  As you settle in on the back porch, you notice a couple of small critters scurrying across the cornfield.  Your job is to rid the cornfield and barn of vermin.  You also play shoot the flying bottle game too.  4  Barnyard Blaster screens, 1 or 2 players (requires "The Best" or XE light guns) (C) (32K Computer min.).  RX8086  $29.50


Atari Ballblazer.  The year is 3097.  You are the Contestant in the fastest most Competitive and most popular sport in the Universe.  You and your opponent are strapped into Hover craft like vehicles that skim over a Checker board playing fields.  Ballblazer features two player simultaneous play, shown on a mind blowing split top and bottom screen display!  1 vs the Droid or 2 players (C) (32K Computer min.).  RX8064 $34.95


Atari Basketball, With Atari Basketball you can play up to four players on the 400 / 800 computers.  5 Basketball games.  (C).  Cartridge only, no instruction CXL4004-LM  $24.00


Atari Berzerk Prototype game cartridge.  Intruder Alert! warns the robot.  You are the intruder in a hostile planet which has a multitude of maddening Berzerk mazes, where even the walls are Death to touch.  Relentlessly pursued by Robot Gangs, you must Pulverize these Androids with your Laser gun before they Blast you with theirs.  How long can you survive such madness?   Check out the two Berzerk voice messages when you hit the Option button!  1 or 2 players.  Cartridge only, no manual (C).  This Prototype Atari Berzerk Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari. CB102806  $25.95


Atari Blue Max.   It’s June 1915.  World War I is raging.  The Allies are trying to hold onto Europe and the Royal Air Force is a key weapon launched against the Axis powers.  Relive Max Chatsworths exploits as he flies his Royal Air Force Biplane over War torn Europe searching for enemy fighters, tanks and ships. 1 player (C) (32K Computer Min.).  RX8081  $34.95


Atari Bug Hunt.  It’s late at night and you are still in the lab, working out the bugs in your newest Atari computer board.  Suddenly, real bugs start popping up everywhere, crawling all over your motherboard.  You grab your light gun and start shooting the flies, roaches, termites, ants, weevils, caterpillars, G-bugs, butterflies, frogs, big bugs, ticks and spiders.  Cartridge with instructions, no display box.  (requires "The Best" or XE light guns)  1 or  2 players, 6 waves of critters   (C).  RX8087 $12.00


Atari Caverns of Mars.  Disk version.  5 disk version in Atari 3 ring binder disk holder and Manual, no box.  (D)  CX8130  $15.95


Best Information Tip:  There is an undocumented feature in the Cavern of Mars game!  You can Skip levels by starting the game and then pressing the left Shift, Control and Tab Keys at the same time.  Press these three keys at the same time each level you want to skip! 


Atari Centipede.  Is a Space Invaders type of game but with a fast moving Centipede, Poisonous Scorpions, Jumping Spiders and Frenzied Fleas.  Small Silver box  1 or 2 players.  (C).   RX8020   $29.95   Also see the Faster Atari Millipede game below.

Atari Centipede.  Is a Space Invaders type of game but with a fast moving Centipede, Poisonous Scorpions, Jumping Spiders and Frenzied Fleas.  Small black box  1 or 2 players.  (C).   RX8020SB   $39.95   Also see the Faster Atari Millipede game below.

Atari Centipede.  Is a Space Invaders type of game but with a fast moving Centipede, Poisonous Scorpions, Jumping Spiders and Frenzied Fleas.  Large black box  1 or 2 players.  (C).   RX8020LB   $39.95   Also see the Faster Atari Millipede game below.

Atari Choplifter.  The evil Bungelings have kidnapped 64 of our delegates from the World Peace Conference.  You must save them!  The delegates have been imprisoned in a Bungeling stronghold that has been disguised as a post office.  You fly your rescue helicopter into enemy territory and snatch the hostages.  1 player, 3 sorties  (C).   (800XL / XE only).  RX8096  Sold Out

Atari Crime Busters.  The city has become overrun by an ever increasing gang of Mobsters.  As one of the Force's top detectives, you have been sent to stake out gang hideouts and bust their criminal inhabitants.  Crime Busters has 4 crime screens, 1 or 2 players   (C) (requires XE or "The Best" light gun) (32K Computer Min.).   RX8104   Sold Out  

Best Information Tip:  There are a couple of undocumented features in the Crime Busters game!  To get these features there is a certain way you must turn on the Atari 8 bit computer with the Crime Busters game cartridge installed.  Hold down the Option button when turning on the Atari computer.  Continue to hold down the Option button, you will see a black screen, very quickly hit the select button, if nothing happens, trying hitting the Select button a couple of more times.  If nothing still happens, turn off the computer and start over again.  If you are successful the first screen of Crime Busters will come up while you are still holding down the Option button.  Let go of the Option button and shoot the title screen to get to the next screen.  On the next screen, on the Wanted  "Z" Poster in the far right hand bottom corner of your screen, shoot the left hand bottom Blue Thumb Tack that is holding the poster to the board.  It may take 5 to 8 shots to completely get rid of the blue thumb tack.  If all has been done right so far you will Not normally start the game, but jump back to the first screen of the game.  Now notice the two New extra credits across the bottom of the screen that come up in succession that were not there before.  The New Credits in white letters, will tell you who wrote the Crime Busters program for Atari and who did the Art work graphics for the Crime Busters Game.  Now start the Crime Buster Game as usual.  Now you can skip the car chase game screen by hitting the space bar!  You will now find at least three new characters that were not there before, Santa Claus, Oscar and Old man!   Have fun!

Best Information Tip:  In Atari Crystal Castles Cartridge there is an undocumented way you can make Bentley Bear skip two game levels.  Start the game, move Bentley Bear to the left as far as he will go.  Next head Bentley in to the solid wall just the right of him, at the same time  hit your fire button, you will then only see the outline of Bentley.  Move his outline to the top of the highest plateau and again press your fire button.  You will find that Bentley is transported two game levels up!!      

Atari Defender.   The Aliens are trying to destroy your Civilization.  You command Defender, the most deadly space ship ever, as you skim your way over the surface of your planet.  1 or 2 players, 3 levels of play  (C).  CLX4025  $39.95

Atari Deflektor.  4 levels of play, Keyboard or Joystick Options, Sound On or Off Options, 1 player.  Prototype Cartridge only, no manual (C) (800XL / XE only).  This Prototype Atari Deflektor Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari. CB102782  $36.95

Atari Donkey Kong.  Guide Mario the fearless Carpenter up the girders to rescue his sweet-heart from the clutches of Donkey Kong.  1 or 2 players, 5 levels of play   (C).  RX8031 Large Silver Atari box $45.95   

Atari Donkey Kong Jr.  The Sequel to the above Donkey Kong game but with Jr. this time trying to save his father Donkey Kong!  1 or 2 players, 5 levels of play   (C).  RX8040  $36.95 

Best Information Tip:  On the Atari Donkey Kong Jr. Game there are Two interesting undocumented Game features.  If you start the Donkey Kong Jr. Game, Hold down either Shift key on your Atari 8 bit computer keyboard and Type  BOOGA and then let go of the shift key, you can now press the S key to skip up to the 9th Top Level of the game!  If you also press the K key, the various things like the fish that normally knock Donkey Kong Jr. off the ropes, will Now just pass right thru Donkey Kong Jr. Without knocking him off the ropes!!!   

Atari Dig Dug.  Now you can have the thrill of the Arcade game at home.  You guide the hungry Gardener as he tunnels below the earth searching for delicious fruits and vegetables.  But beware of the fire breathing Fygars and mischievous Pookas.  1 or 2 players, 1 to 12 difficulty levels.  (C).  RX8026 $39.95

Atari Eastern Front.   A Mind strategy War game, endure the bitter cold of a Russian winter - the treacherous and vast terrain across Europe during 1941.  Replay the drama of top secret schemes and devious scenarios as they are put into operation.  You can also save to disk drive your current game level, to be played at a later date!  1 player, six levels of difficulty (C) Optional Disk Drive!  This program was originally released thru the Atari Program Exchange (APX) and Atari brought the rights to it.  Silver box RX8039$35.95

Atari Eastern Front.   A Mind strategy War game, endure the bitter cold of a Russian winter - the treacherous and vast terrain across Europe during 1941.  Replay the drama of top secret schemes and devious scenarios as they are put into operation.  You can also save to disk drive your current game level, to be played at a later date!  1 player, six levels of difficulty (C) Optional Disk Drive!  This program was originally released thru the Atari Program Exchange (APX) and Atari brought the rights to it.  XE Dark Blue box RX8039XE $49.95  LIMIT 1

Atari Eastern Front, Cartridge with Atari user written instructions (C).  RX8039-LM   $29.95

Atari E.T. cartridge only, no instructions (C).  RX8030-LM   $24.95

Atari Fight Night.   You can Fight five different fighters.  Also comes with Boxing Construction Set, so you can create your own fighters.  1 or 2 players (C) (32K Computer min.).   RX8085   Sold Out 

Atari Fight Night, cartridge only, no instructions.   RX8085-LM  $25.95

Atari Final Legacy.  Weigh anchor at the turn of the Tide!  You must sail the Battleship Legacy into the Dead zone and knock out all the Warmongers' missile launcher sites.  You play a 3-front war at the same time, Torpedo, Sea-To-Air and Sea-To-Land.  Defend 8 cities, battle through 6 challenging game levels and choose from 4 battle modes.  1 player (C).  RX8067   $29.95 

Atari Flight Simulator II  The AT-FS2 simulates the Instruments and Flight characteristics of a Pier PA-28-181 Archer II; a single engine, 148 mph, non-retractable gear aircraft equipped with a good set of avionics.  In addition to the flight simulation, AT-FS2 includes the "WW I Ace" game.  This game equips the plane with bombs, machine-guns and a radar screen and provides an entertaining match of pilot skill and strategy against computer controlled enemy aircraft.  1 player, Easy and Reality flight modes!  Cartridge only, no instructions. (800XL / XE only) (C).  RX8091   $14.00

Atari Food Fight.  Just like the Arcade game, Charley hurls Mounds of food at the Chefs.  1 or 2 players, 1 to 4 Skill levels.  (C) (800XL / XE only)  RX8079  $29.95

Tom J. of AL  Tom is a new collector of old stock atari XE in box games!  Placing his very first Atari order with Best he said......  "Received my games yesterday!  Very appreciative on multiple counts:


  Games are all in great condition!

I I appreciate how you utilize environmentally friendly biodegradable shipping peanuts

 Packed perfectly

 Shipped across the USA in two day!

Again, thanks!" 

Atari Galaxian.  When you joined the Intergalactic Warrior Fleet, you never bargained for this!  Your Earthship is soaring thru space-suddenly an entire fleet of Galaxians comes winging in from deep space!  You slide your ship right and left dodging Galaxian fire while you blast the invaders to stardust.  The waves of Galaxian’s seem to be endless!   1 or 2 players, 10 levels of difficulty  (C)  CXL4024   $29.95

Atari Galaxian, (Cartridge only, no instructions).  CXL4024-LM  $21.95

Best Information Tip:  There are Two interesting undocumented Game features in Atari Galaxian 8 bit game.  The first is a never ending game mode, to access this mode, start the Galaxian game as normal, then hit / push the game Select key on the 8 bit computer just once.  The screen will say "Game Over" and you will see the normal information on the screen after any game has ended, but you will now notice that you can start to play a never ending game while the information is displayed on the screen.  The Galaxian and Game Over information lines will now act as a shield.   The score total for the game will not increase as normal.  The second feature of the never ending game happens when you complete the 6 to 8 level / flag of this never ending game mode.  Your cannon will now become invisible and indestructible and the Galaxians will now randomly appear on the screen!!  






Atari Gato.  Is a World War II Submarine Simulation.  You are assigned to a GATO-class submarine and you patrol  area is the South Pacific theater.  1 - 4 players, 10 levels of play, Optional 1050 or XF551 Disk drive required to save the Captain's log.  (C) (48K Computer min.).  RX8090 $29.50 





Atari Hardball.   All Stars Versus the Champs, in a Real life Major league Action.  When your team's at bat, you will be choosing your offensive strategies-whether to bunt, hit and run, or steal bases.  As team manager, you will pick your player, shift the out-fielders, adjust the infielders, exchange players, select lefties or righties for the mound, and assign a designated hitter.  1 or 2 players  (C) (48K Computer min.).  RX8084  $29.95 

Atari Hardball, cartridge only, no instructions.  RX8084-LM   $15.95




Atari Into the Eagles Nest.  The Eagles Nest is a highly fortified Garrison stronghold posing a major threat to your advancing armies.  It must be destroyed before the enemy can launch its counter-offensive.    1 player, four Missions (C)(32K Computer Min.).  RX8114  Sold Out 



  Front side and right Side panel view     Back side and left Side panel view


Before the Internet, Best would say about 95% of the Atari 400, 800, 1200XL, 600XL, 800XL, 65XE, 130XE, XEGS Computer Users / Owners

back then, never saw an Atari 8 bit computer In-Store Demo Cartridge or the box they came in.  Atari sent them direct to Atari Dealers, Retail Chain Stores and their Atari Nation wide US Atari Service Centers who sold Atari 8 bit computers.  The 1st Atari version had an Atari 8 bit cartridge brown label (no box, to Bests knowledge) The above Atari In-Store Demo box and Instruction manual are for Reference / Archival display purposes only and are not available.


Atari In-Store Demonstration program Cartridge.   This is an Atari in store Demo cart that shows off the features of the Atari 400 / 800 Computers.  It runs a continuous 3 minute 17 second display program loop with back ground music and even allows you to type in your name (almost an unheard of software feature back then) on one demo screen.  It  shows the Brand New 1981 era Atari 400 / 800 Computer features like Atari Game Software, Atari International Language learning Software, Atari Educational Software, Atari Stock Charting and Atari Stock Analysis Software, Atari Home Record Keeping software, Atari Personal Programming Software and Atari New Hardware like the new Atari personal telephone modems (way before the Internet or early Internet of its time) for the New State of the Art Atari 8 bit computers.  Some current Computer features can be Traced back to the early Atari 8 bit computer features.  Best recently was breaking down one (of thousands and thousands pallets of Atari goods we got out of Atari) of the 5 ft X 5 ft and 5 ft high pallets of Atari Items / Goods Best got out of the local Atari warehouses some 18+ years ago. In the middle of this Atari pallet, we found a large box marked "Atari Pop Carts without Atari labels".  Back then Best was in such a rush loading up pallets from the Atari Warehouses, unloading pallets and storing pallets of Atari goods in our many many Atari warehouses at that time.  Since the Atari Carts did not have any labels, this large box of of POP box of carts, was just stored away on another Atari pallet and lost (misplaced) in one our Atari warehouses.  Best finally put this Atari POP cart into an Atari 8 bit computer discovered it was the original 400 / 800 Store demo carts.  One of the guys in our Atari warehouses remembered what Atari POP word stands for "Point Of PurchaseBest found one of the boxed Atari In-Store demo carts in the pallets of Atari Museum items we have stored away and scanned the label.  Since most Atari 8 bit Computer owners / users have never seen this Atari 8 bit demo display, it is good display / demo for Vintage Computer shows, School beginning Computer Class Demo's, Retro Computer shows and Computer Museums to show off the properties of the New 8 bit Atari computers back then. This Atari Demo cart was never sold retail by Atari.  Best did sell a few of them we got out of Atari years ago.  No box, No owners manual, scanned label. CXL4019  $34.95

Used Acceptable In-Store Demostration Program Cartridge only CXL4019 - Atari 400 800 - SHIPS FREE!  30 day money back, buyer pays return shipping.  12 watching  Current 21 day E-Bay auction as of 09-21-19.  Buy it now for $93.50 with free shipping


Atari Joust.  There are Alien Worlds, and then there are Alien Worlds!  Who could have predicted that you would ever find yourself this far from home, astride an alien Ostrich under attack by Bird-Borne Avengers!  1 or 2 players, 4 skill levels (C) RX8044   $36.95  

Atari Joust, cartridge only, no instructions.  RX8044-LM   $19.95

Atari Kangaroo.  This tough but Loving Mother Kangaroo will hop right into your heart.  She'll have you ducking leaping, and punching for points.  Her precious baby has been kidnapped by a band of menacing monkeys and she's in desperate need of your help to rescue he baby!  1 or 2 players, 2 levels of Skill.  Prototype Cartridge only, no manual (C).  (400 / 800 Computers only)  This Prototype Atari Kangaroo Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari.  CB102808  $25.95    

Atari Karateka.  The evil warlord Akuma destroyed your village and kidnapped Princess Mariko.  You alone can rescue the innocent Princess.  Armed only with your courage and your Karate skills, you punch and kick you way past one of six deadly Palace guards as you enter into Akuma's Stronghold.  1 or 2  players (C) (32K Computer Min.).  RX8095   Sold Out

Atari Letter Tutor Prototype cartridge program.  This program was one of the Only Atari designed programs to be used with the Atari CX75 Light Pen.  It teaches young children how to properly write letters (Upper / Lower case), Lines / Circles and numbers by having them first see the object on the screen and then Trace over the object in a proper preset manner with the Atari CX75 Light Pen.  Contains 1 to 15 different lessons.  All though shown the menu screen, the Copy function does not work on this Prototype cartridge!  Cartridge only, no manual!  (C).  This Prototype Atari Letter Tutor Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari CB102639  $25.95

Atari Lode Runner.  In Lode Runner, you are the highly trained Galactic Commando deep in enemy territory.  You must blast through 75 different subterranean levels to recover the Gold.  Also you can create and save to disk drive, your own design game levels.  1 player (Optional 1050 or XF551 Disk drive)  (C) (800XL / XE only).  RX8082  $49.50  

Atari Midnight Magic.  A Real World Pinball and Video Arcade action in one Fabulous game but watch those "Tilts".  1 - 4 players (C) (48K Computer min.).  RX8083    $39.95   


Atari Millipede.  The Sequel to the original slower Atari Centipede game with much faster Millipede action.  If you liked Atari Centipede, you will get hooked on the faster auction of Atari Millipede game.  This time you must get the Buzzing Bees, Bouncing Beetles, Mosquitoes, Dragon Flies, Inchworms and Earwigs.  1 or 2 players (C).  RX8048    $29.95     

Atari Millipede, cartridge only, no instructions.  RX8048-LM $15.95





Atari Missile Command.  You have only seconds to use your Antiballistic Missiles to defend your city again the incoming Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, Smart missiles and Killer Satellites.  Now you can have this Classic Arcade game at home.  Can be used with the Atari CX80 Trackball for true Arcade type of play!  1 or 2 players, 9 levels of play  (C) CXL4012  $25.95

Atari Missile Command, Cartridge only, no instructions (C).  CXL4012-LM   $12.95








Atari Necromancer.  You're the Llluminar, the legendary Druid Sorcerer, the defender of truth and protector of good.  You must Stop Tetragorn, the Necromancer whose dark magic threatens the Kingdom.  The Necromancer is helped by his endless legions of hunchbacked Ogres, Hammerfists, and dreadful spiders.  You must create and gather your leafy, bark-armored troops about you while destroying the Ogre Masses.  1 player, 5 Skill levels  (C) (16K Computer Min.).  RX8108    $29.95 

Atari One on One Basketball.  Play Basketball with Larry Bird or Julius "Dr.j." Erving.  Play the computer or a Friend (C) (32K Computer min.).  RX8093  $21.50  

Atari One on One Basketball, cartridge only, no instructions.  RX8093-LM   $9.95

Atari Pac Man cartridge only, no instructions (C).  CXL4022-LM   $15.95

Atari Pac Man Jr Prototype game.  Well now Jr. is on the loose in even a bigger maze!  On the Pac Man Jr. Maze you can now scroll half screen left and half screen right for a total maze equivalent of two screens.  A nice new feature on Atari Pac Man Jr., is you can now select the total number (4, 3, 2 or 1) of Ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde) chasing you depending on the you skill level selected.  1 or 2 players, 7 levels of play with 4 Pac Man Jr. lives per level.  Prototype Cartridge only, no manual (C).  This Prototype Atari Pac Man Jr Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari. CB103022  $25.95

Atari QIX.  The Atari NON Combative game, draw in / fill different sections of your Playing screen before the Computer generated Qix gets you.  1 or 2 players (C).  CXL4027 $29.95

Atari Real Sports Football.  Outsmart the defense.  Pass with amazing accuracy,  Run with speed and agility.  Make sure-handed tackles.  1 player practice games versus the computer or two players opposing each other, select from 6 to 15 minute quarters (C).  RX8029   $39.95

Atari Rescue on Fractalus.  You have joined an Elite Rescue Squadron, flying to the hostel planet Fractalus.  You must confront the ruthless Jaggles and rescue Ethercoups.  1 player  (C) (48K Computer min.).  RX8063   $49.95 

Atari Robotron.  At first it was a technological breakthrough.  Mankind created the Robotrons--a species of robots so advanced they no longer needed their human creators to think and act.  It's the year 2084, and you are the only being left who can defend humanity against the fast Robotron armies!  Now the Robotrons have turned on their creators!  1 or 2 players, 6 levels of difficulty  (C).  RX8033   $49.95

Atari Space Invaders, the Original Shoot up game.  You have made a mission to the moon, but so have the deadly Space Invaders.  Your objective is to protect yourself from the alien invaders and to prevent them from landing on the lunar surface by destroying them.  12 different Space Invaders games,  1 or 2 players, 5 levels of play  (C).  CXL4008   $29.95

Atari Stargate Prototype game.  Programmed at Atari after the Atari 8 bit Defender program was released.  Stargate has some new adjustable features like: number of space ships or life's (1 -3), an extra Space ship per 1,000 - 50,000 points earned, Men needed to Warp (2 - 9), Master Difficulty Control (1 - 5), Stargate High Score feature.  1 - 2 Players  Prototype Cartridge only, no manual (C).  This Prototype Atari Stargate Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari. CB103034  $25.95




Atari Star Raiders.   The Original Space game!  Fight the Zylon Fighters, Zylon Cruisers and Zylon Basestar.  You fly your spaceship thru space, using your Photon Torpedoes, Shields, Long Range Scan Radar, Attack Computer and more!   1 player, 4 levels of play.  (C) CXL4011   $29.95

Atari Star Raiders, Cartridge only, no instructions (C).  CXL4001-LM   $15.95











Atari Star Raiders II.  Same as Atari SR II Cart game cartridge but Atari 5 Disk version.  Requires 48K of memory (D).  DX5084  $29.95

Atari Super Pac Man.  The Second Sequel to the original Pac Man game.  1 or 2 players, 4 levels of play  (C, no instructions) Prototype.  This Prototype Atari Super Pac Man Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari. CB101931 $25.95

Atari Summer Games.  8 Different Olympic Sports, Platform Diving, Skeet Shooting, Pole Vaulting, The 4 X 400 meter swimming relay, 100 meter freestyle swimming, 100 Yard Dash, Gymnastic and Free style swimming relay.  1 - 3 players or against the computer.  (C) (800XL / XE only).  RX8098   Sold Out.

Atari Super Breakout.  Requires Atari CX 30 Paddles, with four Games, Breakout, Progressive, Doubles, Cavity.  The first and still very addictive original ball against the brick wall game!  1 or 2 players (C).  RX8006 $29.95

Best Information Tip:  The programmer who wrote the Atari Super Breakout program for Atari, put a Secret Message in the program code that did not get removed when the code was double checked by Atari managers!  To see this Secret Message, plug in the Super Breakout Cartridge and hold down the Control, Shift, and I  keys at the same time!!

Atari Warehouse Information Fun Fact.   Over the last 10 - 12+ years Atari was in business, Best Electronics almost had free run of all of Sunnyvale warehouses as we were bidding on and purchasing pallets of goods from Atari.  This was just opposite of the early days (1980 - 2000's), where an Atari outsider (non Atari Employee) like the many many World wide Atari Supplies and Atari local vendors had to be signed in and escorted by an Atari Manager or level above Atari Employee around many many Atari buildings located in Sunnyvale California, 5 to 8+ US Atari Warehouses and the many Euro Atari warehouses.  A rough guess by Best, Atari had close to 80 to 90+ Buildings / Offices / Warehouses in Silicon Valley at the height of Atari.

During the early Atari warehouses years, Atari Warehouse people were always have problems with pallets (5 by 5 foot, 6 by 6 square) of Atari goods (Master boxes of Atari goods stacked up 6 foot to 8 foot high) always falling over when the pallets of Atari goods were moved around the different Atari warehouses by fork lifts and loaded into thousands of Simi Trucks.  Now imagine 2 to 3 shifts per day at Atari, 5 to 10+ fork lifts moving goods around each warehouse and accidently dumping or knocking over a pallet of Atari goods.  It could take 15 minutes to an hour plus just to restack a pallet (could be as little of 10 boxes of Atari goods to thousands of individual Atari goods on that pallet) back onto the pallet again.  That does not count the amount of Brand New Atari products that were damaged and had to be scraped out.  One of the cleaver Atari warehouse guys discovered if they used (a square shaped strip around the top edge of the boxes on a pallet of Atari goods) of 1/2 inch wide reinforced tape (the clear tape with the nylon long strands embedded in the tape, which is just about impossible to tare apart by hand, this tape had to be always cut with a sharp knife) around the top edges of the boxes of any pallet of Atari goods, this would prevent the pallets of good from falling down while they were moved around the different Atari warehouse.  Best saw pallets of Atari goods with reinforced tape around the top boxes get hit / bumped by another Atari fork lift lean over at a 10 to 20+ degree angle and never lose a signal Atari box of goods off that pallet.  This reinforced strapped down pallets of Atari goods (stacked 2 to 4 pallets high on Atari pallet rack right up to the Atari warehouse roofs) from dumping over during the many many Earthquakes that California had during the years Atari was in business.  This time frame was years and years before the current method of hand or machine clear wrapping pallets of goods, used by just about every warehouse in the world now.

Around the early 2000's Atari started to use the hand stretched / hand applied clear pallet wrap on all its pallets of Atari goods.   At the end of Atari, Atari purchased about 3 to 4 complete pallet shrunk wrap machines.   All the Atari warehouse people would have to do, is put a complete pallet of loose Atari goods on a turn table, push a button and the shrunk machine would completely shrunk wrap / spin a pallet of goods from top to bottom of the boxes and it would also shrunk the boxes of goods to the pallet itself.  So when the pallet of Atari goods was removed from the shrunk wrap turn table, the 2 blades of the fork lift would have to punch thru the bottom of the shrunk around the bottom of pallet.  Best has seen Atari pallets of machine wrapped goods on a fork lift lean over (get push by another fork lift, hit by a falling pallet of Atari goods) almost at a 45 degree angle and still stay in intact on the pallet without a single box falling off the pallet.  By the way, Best ended up a new full box of this Atari reinforced tape.  We use it in the same manner that Atari did to tie down the top boxes of pallets of Atari goods we move around in our Best Atari warehouse.

Some of the wild things Best saw in the different Atari warehouses over the years, we could write a book on.

Atari Superman III Prototype game cartridge.  9 levels of play 1 or 2 players.  Have fun discovering the features of this Prototype Atari Game cartridge.  Cartridge only, no label, no manual (C).  This Prototype Atari Superman III Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari. CB102640  $25.95

Atari Tennis.  Just like real life Tennis game, play Singles with one player against the computer, Singles with two players opposing each other and Doubles with each team made up on one player and one computer partner.  Play a Baseline or a Serve and Volley game!  As the ball goes over the net, you can actuality see the balls shadow on the court!  1 or 2 players, Intermediate or Advanced play (C).  RX8042  Sold Out   

Atari Tennis, cartridge only, no instructions (C).  RX8042-LM  $15.95

Atari Track & Field with Special Controller.  100 Meter Dash, Long Jump, Javelin, 110 Meter Hurdles, Hammer Throw and High Jump are the Events in Track & Field  1 or 2 player (C).  RX8069  CALL or E-Mail us at

Atari Tower Toppler.  1 or 2 players, Sound On or Off option, 2 Missions.  Prototype Cartridge only, no manual (C).  (800XL / XE only).  This Prototype Atari Tower Toppler Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari.  CB102781  $36.95

Atari Vegas Poker Similar to early generation Las Vegas Video Poker Machines, but you use your Joystick to Hold or Draw your Playing cards on the screen.  Atari Vegas Poker has a Set up Mode where you can change the Default modes of your Video Poker Machine!   Grubstake or Jackpot Modes for the amount of Credits, Payoff values for different Card hands and Different Wager amounts to be subtracted from your Credits for each hand.  Requires a Joystick. (C) Prototype  This Prototype Atari Vegas Poker Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari. CB103046  $25.95

Atari Video Easel.  Atari Video Easel is an early generation Atari Drawing program.   It is a unique combination of Art and Mathematics.  Main Menu has the following choices: Life, Reset Color, Drawing, Quad Drawing, Clear, Start, Erase4 Painting 1, the Second Life menu has the following choices: Clear, Main, Factory at Glider at, Big X at, Start, X Y Cursor, Ibeam at, Diag at, Row At Vert At , Quad Y Cursor.  For ages 8 to Adult.  Uses from 1 to 4 Joysticks.  Supplied with new Cartridge and Atari Owners Manual, no box (C) CXL4005  $15.95

Other Manufactures, Atari 8 Bit Game Software

We recently unearthed a couple of Master cartons of boxed New Atari 8 bit Game Disk based Software we put in to deep storage on a pallet about 10+ years ago.

Conflict in Viet Nam by MicroProse.  Conflict in Viet Nam game gives you insight to the history of the war and allows you to test your Command Abilities on the Battlefield.  You determine the strategies and tactics leading to Victory or defeat.  Five historically authentic strategy scenarios, Prelude (Dien Bien Phu), into the Valley (La Drang), The Tides Turns (Khe Sanh), Empty Fishook (Cambodia) and First Cracks (Quang Tri). 48K Disk, Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE Computers  (D) CB103124 $9.95

Crusade in Europe by MicroProse.  0400 Hours, June 6, 1944 D-Day the Invasion begins and You are in Command from D-Day to the Battle of the Bulge.  Crusade in Europe is an exciting and challenging real-time action simulation that puts you into the thick of the battle.  48K Disk, Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE Computers (D) CB103125 $49.95

Decision in the Desert by MicroProse.  You are in Command in North Africa Allied Tank Core in 1940 - 42.  Three Hundred enemy tanks are coming straight for you.  The Strategy Battle of El Alamein begins and you are in charge!  48K Disk, Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE Computers (D) CB103126 $49.95

F-15 Strike Eagle by MicroProse.  Strap yourself into your ejection seat and get ready for challenging and exciting modern Jet Fight Combat with the F-15 Strike Eagle.  Fly combat missions, engage enemy aircraft and destroy enemy ground targets in the skies over Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  Use your Heads up Display (HUD), airborne radar and ground tracking target display maps to fly your Combat Missions.  Seven different Combat Missions, four skill levels and infinite number of combat scenarios.  48K Disk, Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE Computers (D) CB103127  $9.95






Silent Service by MicroProse.  Silent Service is an exciting World War II Submarine simulation in the South Pacific.  Silent Service brings exciting action, great strategy, detailed graphics and an ultra-realistic simulation of a World War II Submarine.  Player selected "Reality Levels" allows the player to customize complexity of the simulation and time scaling ensures that the actions and decisions are constantly required.  48K Disk, Atari 400 / 800 / XL /XE Computers (D) CB103130 $9.95












Top Gunner by MicroProse.  This Combo pack has Three Atari Joystick Smashing Classics, Mig Alley Ace, Air Rescue and Hellcat Ace games in one box.  Forget the Fancy Air to Air Missiles, Radar and all of the things that make modern air combat different from historical fighter flying.  Hellcat Ace has the intense Combat flying maneuvers of World War II. Competition for 1 to 4 players.  Once you earned your wings as a Hellcat move up to the challenge of Mig Alley Ace.  Try the F-86 Sabre / Mig-15 Split-Screen head to head dogfight over Korea.  One or two of you can fly in Tandem, as squadron leader and wingman against two computer controller Korean enemy Aircraft.   Air Rescue is an exciting arcade game that reinforces your fighter pilot hand/eye coordination.  You must skillfully maneuver your assault chopper and rescue the captives.  48K Disk, Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE Computers (D) CB103131 $19.95 


Atari Special Buy!  Atari 800 / 800XL / 1200XL / 65XE / 130XE / XE Game Machine Disk (D) based Games.  All games come in the Clam Shell type clear display package.   All Games Reg. $9.95 - $24.95 each.

Buy one $9.95, Buy two $8.95 ea., Buy Three $7.95 ea., Buy four $7.50 ea.  The Hulk, Questprobe by Scott Adams sold 
separately $15.00    Both Wolfenstein games Sold Out

Bismarck The North Sea Chase by Datasoft (Strategy Game), Dig Dug, Familiar Favorites II-Jawbreaker and Crossfire, Flight Landing Simulator, Gateway to Apshai, Greatest Hits I combo disk with 3 games Mushroom Masher-Quest for Gold-Missile Commander, Jumpman Junior, PitStop, Pole Position, Strategy Simulations combo disk with 4 games Robot Patrol-Star Merchant-Civil War-Convoy, Superman, Typeit Personal Word Processor,  Greatest Hits I combo disk with 3 games Mushroom Masher-Quest for Gold-Missile Commander.





Activisions Kaboom.  The Mad Bomber is back! Try to douse his bombs with your buckets of water.  Or you can play the Mad Bomber and let someone else try to catch your bombs. This fast action game is set to the tune of the 1812 Overture.  Winner of the 1982 Arcade Alley Award, Best Audio and Visual Effects!  Can use Joysticks or Paddles, 1 or 2 player versions (C).  Uses Joystick or Paddles  CB101918  $21.95






Best Electronics has recently had one of those once in lifetime visits from one of the legends of the early Video Game World.  Carol Shaw recently brought in an Atari 810 Disk Drive for repair.   We got to talking about about her very long career in the Video Game World.  Carol Shaw was one of the few Women of her time to make a name for herself in the all Male dominated Video Game programming field back then.  Carol said programmed Atari 2600 3D Tic Toe Game (one our most favorite 2600 games ever made, it will blow our mind when you play against the 2600 computer and see how you lost), Atari 2600 Video Checkers and the unreleased Atari 2600 Polo game.   She also wrote the code for the Atari 8 bit computer Disk based Atari Calculator Program that used Reverse Polish Notation, that HP used in some of the Scientific Calculators of latter eras.   At Activision Company Carol wrote the code for the Atari 8 bit Computer version of the Classic Video Games ever to this date River Raid Game.   Carol Shaw was one of the very few Programmers of that era, to get the proper Credit for programming Activisions River Raid right on the box.  Her name is shown on the front of every original Atari 8 bit version River Raid sold.  This type of programmer Credit was almost unheard of for that time. 






Activisions Zenji.  In the Zenji Maze game, you have a 3 X 4 grid of octagon shapes.  Some are connected via tunnels, some are not and some have tunnels openings that rotate to let you in another section of the matrix.  You move your face around the matrix touching the flashing numbers for bonus points before time runs out at the same time avoiding the Flames and Sparks 1 player, 8 games variations (16K Computer Min.) (C).  CB101886   $39.95



Atari Bruce Lee Prototype 8 bit Atari XE Cartridge

These Atari Bruce Lee Prototype Cartridges were found in a Large box that came right out of the Old Atari Lombard, Illinois Warehouse as they were shutting it down!

These Atari XE series Unreleased Prototype Game cartridges did not have labels on them when they were found. The label you see is a high quality Digital picture of the 1st boot up screen on the Prototype Bruce Lee Cartridge.

This Atari Prototype 8 Bit Cartridge is programmed on the Atari XE series of Bank Selecting Game cartridges, where the Atari Programmer's could get a whole 5 1/4 Disk based game and more on one XE Bank Selecting Atari Game Cartridge. It will run on All Atari 8 bit computers with more than 32K of memory!

Prototype Feature's:

Option: 1 Player - 2 Player

Select: Computer - Opponent

Top Score

Bruce Lee Oriental Music on Boot Screen

Fight Action sounds during play

Short Demo Mode

4 - 9 Falls/Life's per screen in 2 Player Mode

4 - 9 Falls/Life's per screen in 1 Player mode

Q. How many total Levels are there?

A.  I can not tell, I can not get past the first two screens (I not a very good Player). Prototype seems to be Complete, with full Graphics / Sounds, fully functional and ready for production release!

Q. Is there a Owners Manual for the Bruce Lee Prototype XE Game?

A. None was found in the Box.

Supplied in a plastic bag, Screen Shot label, no instructions

This Prototype Atari Bruce Lee Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari.  Price $39.95

Datasoft Napoleon in Russia, Borodino 1812   A strategy war type of Game.   You can either play Napoleon’s Borodino plan or devise your own.  Strategy War Simulation, Historically accurate battle Map, Variable Skill levels and Single or Dual Player Modes.   27 page  Manual with a 11 by 17 inch fold out battle map, Blank Atari formatted disk required for saving Games.  (48K Computer min.). (D) CB103111  $14.95

Parker Brothers Astro Chase Is a fast flying race through Space to save plant Earth from total Destruction.  1 player, 24 skill levels (400 / 800 Computers only).  (C).  CB101365  $19.95




Parker Brothers Frogger.  Cross a dangerous highway and then over a raging river.  Look out for fast cars, Frog eating Snakes, Diving Turtles and Alligators!  After you play Frogger for a little while, you will find yourself humming the addictive Back ground music!   1 or 2 player games with bonus flies.  (C).  CB101689  $17.95





Parker Brothers Star Wars, Return of the Jedi (C).   Guide your Millennium Falcon against the Empire's Death Star, Death Ray and Tie fighters.   A Fast space action game.   1 or 2 players and two levels of play.  CB101303  $39.95

Mad Magazines Official Spy vs Spy Combo Disk with Adventures I "The Island Caper" + II "Embassy Espionage" (1 game on each side of the disk).  Two mad cap Black Spy vs White Spy Missions on one disk!  Straight from the Joke & Dagger Department!   Split screen viewing for the both Adventures.  1 vs the computer or 2 players, 8 levels of play on Embassy Espionage and 7 levels on Island Caper  (D).  CB101809   $24.95

MPP Assault Force 3D game.  A Battlezone type tank game.  (Requires Disk Drive) 1 player, 10 levels.  (Cartridge with 5 Disk).  CB101311  $29.95





Roklan Wizard of Wor.  Still one of our most popular Maze game cartridges at shows!  Descend into the Dungeons with your squadron of Worriers to battle a host of Monsters both visible and invisible and the Wizard himself.   1 - 55+ mazes, 1 or 2 player versions.  (C).  CB101312  $29.95




Sierravision On-Line Mr. Cool.  A Q-Bert type of game with 15 rounds per level and unlimited levels.  1 player.  (C).  CB101313  $39.95

Synapse Software Claim Jumper.  Western / cowboy type of game with tumble weeds, gold nuggets and snakes, with three games / three options for 1 or 2 players.  (C).  CB101897   $17.95

Synapse Software Chicken.  An Egg catch game with 16 levels of play.  Ma Hen and a pesky old fox battle it out, as you try to save the local chicken population! 1 to 4 players, 16 levels of play.   Uses Joystick or Paddles (C).  CB101898   $17.95

Synapse Software Slime.  The Omega Peace Accords have been violated by the Plexarian Invincibles.  Their Bio-Transporter have warped into the Earth's atmosphere and threatened total destruction.  The ground trembles as 50 waves of Slime oozes from the Heavens.  1 to 4 players  (C)  (For 400 / 800 Computers only).   CB101899  $9.95

Software's Abracadabra.  You are the Aladdin youth searching your way thru a Maze of Brick walls.  Walls appear and disappear in the Maze making your adventure harder. Also look out for the Gremlins, Spiders, Snakes and moving Skulls. Pick up the keys, unlock the magic door and pick up the magic lamps in the maze for points. 1 or 2 players, 4 Levels of play.  (C, no instructions).  CB101930   $9.95

Abracadabra (Atari 400/800/XL/XE) TG Software Game Cartridge Rare.  14 day money back, buyer pays return shipping  Final winning E-Bay Bid (11 bids) as of 03-15-14  $15.46 plus $2.68 shipping  This new Abracadabra Game cartridge was bought by the E-Bay seller from Best Electronics on 03-03-14

Bests New Abracadabra Game Cartridge with normal 90 day Atari Warranty $9.95 plus shipping


Ozzy's Orchard (Atari 400/800/XL/XE) TG Software Game Cartridge Rare.  14 day money back, buyer pays return shipping  Final winning E-Bay Bid (8 bids) as of 03-15-14  $12.06 plus $2.68 shipping  This Ozzy's Orchard new Game cartridge was bought by the E-Bay seller from Best  Electronics on 03-03-14

TG Software's Ozzy's Orchard.  You are Mr. Orchard Farmer tending your 13 fruit orchards. Pesky bugs start to invade your orchards. So it is time to get our your trusty bug sprayer and with a whoosh of your spray do in the as many of the bugs as you can!  1 or 2 players, 13 levels of play.   (C, no instructions).  CB101945  $9.95

A.N.A. Software, Micro Discount, KE-Soft, Mirage and Zeppelin Disk based Atari 8 bit games are Imported from Europe and Distributed by Best Electronics.  In Europe there is still Very Active support for the 8 bit Atari Computers!  Programmers from Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and the Netherlands are still producing Excellent software!  The games listed below are NTSC and PAL compatible.

Zeppelin Games "Cavernia".  In Cavernia you are a Miner going on a Magical Journey through the complex underground Tunnels (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102097   $25.95 

Zeppelin Games "Draconus".  Draconus is set on an Alien Planet ruled by the Tyrant Beast who must be Obliterated. (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102096  Sold Out     

Zeppelin Games "Fred".  Fred is a real stone age rock Star!  Follow Fred as he makes a quest to find the true meaning of caveman life. (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102090  $25.95

L.K. Avalons "Hans Kloss".  World War II is going on.  Hitler, alarmed by an intelligence's report about forthcoming Allies offensive, commissions the staff of his scientists to work out a new weapon having unknown as yet power, which could stop the allied forces.  As Hans Kloss, the allies’ top agent, your job is to penetrate into an underground bunker, where all the documentation necessary to produce the missile was hidden.  (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102229  $25.95

Zeppelin Games "Mission Shark".  On your Mission Shark Operation, you parachute into Occupied Territories.  You Identify and Gain access to the Enemy's High Security HQ and retrieve four Canisters of Vital Information.  (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102098   $25.95

Zeppelin Games "Mountain Bike Racer".  Mount your all-terrain Mountain Bike and cycle thru the most hazardous course you can imagine.  Hang on as you race against the clock and buy the tools to help you on your way.  (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102230  $25.95 

A.N.G. Software's "Operation Blood".  This very Fast Action game is similar to the Arcade Game Operation Wolf but in mono color format.  You are a Lone Commando equipped with a Rapid-fire Machine gun and lots of hand Grenades, fighting the Enemy Soldiers, Tank and Helicopters! (Joystick Version) (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102228  $25.95

Zeppelin Games "Scary School".  Your Task is to have Blinky and his shadow the Star pupil from the School for young Ghosts penetrate the Drumtrochie Castle.  For Advanced players!  (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102092  $25.95 

Zeppelin Games "Stack Up".  Stack is the Ultimate Arcade game mixing fast reactions, skill and brain punishment, Stack Up is Like Tetris in play but only better! (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102095  $25.95 

Micro Discount Software's "Tagalon".  You are in the Village of Tagalon.  You must collect the marbles and go to the room with Magic purple bed, deep in the depths of the castle.  One or Two players (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102115   $25.95

Zeppelin Games "Zybex".  Battle on your own or with a friend through the planets of the Czokan system to your final Destination Zybex (D) (XL / XE Computers).  CB102091  $25.95

Video 61’s “Checkers” The Old Traditional Checkers game with a few new Twists!  5 Levels of Play, Beginner-Novice-Master-Grand Master and Champion!  Option for Red Player to move 1st or 2nd at the beginning of the game!  1 Player Vs Computer (C) CB103036  $25.95

Video 61’s “DungeonLords”   You start out with 3 lives.  You will move out of your Dungeon to find the keys to open up all doors.  Next you will move into the next Dungeon.  1 Player Vs Computer (C) Runs on Atari 8 bit computers with at least 48K ram. CB103173  $25.95

Video 61’s “Elevator Repairman”   The object of the game is to get Elevator man to the top of screen.  That is not so easy.  Elevator man has been hired to repair the out of control Elevators that never turn off.   Runs on all Atari 8 bit computers with at least 16K ram.  1 Player Vs Computer (C)  CB103174  $25.95   

Video 61’s “Firebug”  You must protect your nest from Rampaging Predators.  You are able to emit sparks to destroy Enemy's.  The fire eggs in your next  cannot burrow.  They will start out in Group, they will however will travel into exciting Tunnels and can be eaten by your Rampaging Predators    1 player game, Five lives per game, 9 levels of play. Runs on all Atari 8 bit computers with at least 16K ram. (C)  CB103175  $25.95

Video 61’s “Hearts” The object of the Hearts Card Game is to get all of the Hearts cards or take as few as possible.  In this version of Hearts Card game you are dealt 13 playing cards and will play 3 computer opponents!  Requires 1 Joystick.  (C) CB103035  XL / XE Computers only.  $25.95

Video 61’s “Maze War”  As the Wizard against the Computer The Computer controls the Zombie you play against.  Runs on all Atari 8 bit computers with at least 16K ram. (C)  CB103176  $25.95

Video 61’s “Spaceball”    You must Bounce the ball past your opponents peg and your opponent will lose that peg.  The player with remaining peg(s)  wins the game.  1 or 2 players  Runs on all Atari 8 bit computers with 48K. (C)  CB103177  $25.95

Video 61 "Ultra Translator" The Ultra Translator Cartridge is designed to run with the Atari 600XL(with 64K)/800XL/65XE/130XE and XE Game Machines! The Ultra Translator allows you to run Incompatible Disk Based, Cartridge Based and Taped based 400/800 Atari Software designed originally designed to run on the 400/800 Atari Computers only! No matter if they are Machine Language or Basic language version Atari software, the Translator does its job well. Just some of he Features/Selections from the Ultra Translator Menu: Toggle Between 48/52K, Run Translator, Toggle Basic and Run, Boot 400/800 Cartridge. (C) CB103037 $25.95 

Atari Educational type Cartridges / Cassettes, 8 Bit Games / Software

Spinnaker Games are Top Rated by Adults as some of "The Best" Educational game around for the Atari 8 bit series of computers.  Most Educational games are Cartridge based so the do Not require Adult Supervision to be used by children

Spinnaker Adventure Creature.  This game allows you to create your own adventures while learning about computer programming design and logic. Players of completed adventures will exercise mapping, problem solving and strategy skills. Your own created adventures can be saved to cassette or disk and played over and over.  (ages 8 - Adult) (C).  CB101305  $10.00

Spinnaker Alphabet Zoo.  Helps children strengthen their letter recognition skills as they associate letter of the alphabet with the sound they represent.  Also the game helps sharpen a child's spelling skills.  (ages 3 - 8)(C)  CB101304  $17.95

Spinnaker Delta Drawing.  This game provides friendly introduction to computer learning, helps build an understanding of computer concepts and procedural thinking, and encourages children to exercise their creativity.  Delta drawing uses single key commands to draw pictures.  Pictures made with Delta Drawing made be saved to and loaded from an Atari 410 / 1010 cassette program recorder.  (ages 4 - Adult) (C).  CB101306   $10.00

Spinnaker FaceMaker.  Facemaker helps children become comfortable with computer fundamentals such as: menus, cursors, the return key, the space bar, simple programs and graphics while creating funny faces on the screen. It also helps improve a child's memory and concentration.  (ages 3 - 8) (C).  CB101307  $10.00

Spinnaker Hey Diddle Diddle.  Hey Diddle Diddle is a collection of 30 classic nursery rhymes with text on screen, featuring brilliant color graphics and lively music. For pre-readers a great Story time, a good Storybook for beginning readers and Advanced readers Rhyme game presents, two levels of unscramble the nursery rhyme lines against the clock or another child. (Atari 48K computer min.) Other side of the disk has Hey Diddle program for the Commodore 64.  (ages 3 - 9) (D).  CB101441 $14.95




Spinnaker Kids on Keys.  Kids on Keys familiarizes children with the computer keyboard as they learn to identify numbers, letters, words and associate them with images they see on the screen.  (ages 3 - 9) (C).  CB101309   $10.00




Spinnaker Kindercomp.  Kindercomp helps children improve their reading readiness and counting skills by matching shapes, letters, drawing pictures, and filling in missing numbers. It also familiarizes young children with the keyboard.  (ages 3 - 8) (C).  CB101310  $14.95

Also see Juggles House and Juggles Rainbow Tape cassettes for Preschoolers, United States and Capitals, Touch Typing Lessons at the end of Software listing!





Math Encounter by Hsu Software.  Math Encounter is an Educational Math Game covering Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division for Ages 6 - Adult, 7 levels of challenging Learning.  Math Encounter is a Space Invaders type of game, the Math problem is shown across the top of the screen and 3 to 4 clouds are shown with the different answers in each cloud.  All you have to do is shoot up at the cloud / right answer to score points.  Levels 1 and 2 are self-learning type (the right answer flashes) (C).  CB101811  $12.00  






Fisher-Price Linking Logic.  Buddy and Betty find a way through a building.  Just link up a path from floor to floor to floor.  Linking Logic helps young children think logically and plan a series of actions.  It also aids pattern recognition by asking children to match up different shapes.  These skills play a key role in developing a child's ability to approach and solve problems.  (C) Ages 4 - 8.  Joystick game.  CB103113  $14.95

Atari Animated Puzzle Prototype Game Cartridge.  This Education Atari game cartridge has 4 levels of play, three different screens.  For Ages 4 to Adult.  Animated Puzzle has the same type of play as the old hand held small plastic sliding plastic tile puzzle game you played as a child.  You have three different screens to chose from (a Toy Train screen, Toy Soldier screen or Nutcracker Dancers with a Cat, Child and English Bobbie on one screen) with four levels of play.  When the Animated Puzzle Game 1st starts, a complete picture of the item is displayed, when you push the start button on the Atari computer, the Atari computer starts to move squares of the screen / display to different location on the screen.  The higher level you play, the more picture square moves the computer makes.  When the Atari computer stops moving picture tiles, you are timed on how long it takes you to slide the different relocated picture tiles back to the original picture screen.  Train Screen has Trains sounds, Toy Soldiers screen play the Nutcracker Music.  Prototype Atari Cartridge with white paper label, no box, no instructions.  This Prototype Atari Animated Puzzle Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari.   (C)  CB102946 $25.95

Atari / Walt Disney's Mickey in the Great Outdoors (C or D).  Two challenging computer Learning Adventures, Mickey goes Hiking and Mickey Goes Exploring, Hiking Develops Grammar and Spelling Skills and Exploring Develops Two Basic Math Skills.  For Ages 7 - 10 16K Cassette.  TX9035  $12.00     32K Disk version.  DX5050  $20.00

Atari Music Composer.  You can Input up to 10 phrases of music, in any of three octaves.  Arrange and playback combinations of phrases for as many as four simultaneous voices, Store / Retrieve music from Disk or Cassette, Modify music including notes, volume, tempo and key and time signatures.  New Music Composer Cartridge with New Owners Manual  Ages 8 to Adult.  No box Cartridge and Music Composer manual  (C).   CXL4007  $22.95

Atari Music Composer.  You can Input up to 10 phrases of music, in any of three octaves.  Arrange and playback combinations of phrases for as many as four simultaneous voices, Store / Retrieve music from Disk or Cassette, Modify music including notes, volume, tempo and key and time signatures.  No Atari box, New Music Composer Cartridge onlyAges 8 to Adult.  (C).   CXL4007-LM   $14.95

Atari Calculator program.  The Atari Calculator Program is for use by Students and Professionals acquainted with programmable calculators.  The 145 function Atari Calculator has three calculation modes: ALG (Algebraic Notation with operator Precedence), ALGN (Algebraic Notation with No operator Precedence, RPN (Reverse Polish Notion) with a 42 number stack.  Just some of the different functions you can do on / with the Atari Calculator:  Conversions (Fahrenheit - Celsius, Degrees - Radians Conversions, Polar - Rectangular Conversions), Fundamental Functions (Absolute Value Function, Fraction Function, Integer Function, Pi Function, Reciprocal Function, Square Function, Truncate Function)  Algebraic and Trigonometric Functions, Statistics Functions, Financial Functions, Bit Manipulation Functions.  Requires a minimum 24K of Computer and an Atari disk drive!  Atari CX8102 Calculator OEM Disk, no box with PDF file of the original Atari Calculator supplied manual.  (D)  CX8102  $19.95 

AtariMusic I.  AtariMusic I can help anyone learn all about Musical Notes, their names and how to read them.  It explains the Bass and Treble Clefs, Ledger Lines, and Whole and Half Steps.  So if you want to play a musical instrument, learn about Music or Sing, AtariMusic is the Ideal way to begin.  Each Self-Guiding lesson begins by explaining and demonstrating a new musical concept.  You play with that concept, using sound and sight drills and exercises via your Atari computer.  Finally, there are Two exciting games that challenge all your musical knowledge:  Note Attack and Stepwise Transporter.  For Ages 10 to Adult.  AtariMusic I Whole and Half Steps Disk and Note Reading Disk and 11 page Manual.  Minimum 24K Ram Atari computer required  (D).   AX2020  $24.95  

AtariMusic II.  AtariMusic II can help anyone learn about Major Scales and Major Keys, whether they're studying an Instrument, Voice, or just want to know more about Music.  AtariMusic II allows you to hear notes in full rich sound thru your Atari computer, while seeing them on your monitor screen.  Each Self-Guiding lesson starts by explaining and demonstrating a new musical concept and allows you to practice that concept, using sound and sight drills and exercises.  AtariMusic II also includes a Musical Test Game called "Key Wars"  For Ages 10 to Adult.  AtariMusic II Major Scales Disk and Hearing Scalewise Melodies in Major Keys disk and 11 page Manual.   Minimum 24K Ram Atari computer required  (D).   AX2026   $24.95    

Atari Music Painter.  Want to play your favorite song on your Atari Computer?  Or compose a special tune for a special person, in three part harmony?  With Atari Music Painter program learning about music is Easy and Fun.   An exciting new way to Enjoy, Compose / Save and Play Music.  No musical knowledge is necessary to use this program.  Music Painter comes with fifteen preselected tunes for you which you can change the tempo, make it a drum solo or a piano, violin and flute trio.   Other side of disk contains C64 version of Music Painter.   Music Painter got its name because all of the musical notes displayed on your monitor screen look like paintbrush strokes on paper.   48K min. computer with joystick (D).  DX5081  $24.95     Special Buy !!  $14.95

Atari PlanetariumAll you do is push a few buttons on your Atari XL or XE computer and your requested view of the Universe is neatly and quickly displayed in bright, easy to read colors on your monitor / TV screen.  Special key functions effortlessly transports you across the Universe.  Planetarium also includes an accelerated time clock, allowing you to observe Astronomical Events as they unfold up to 10,000 years in the Future or in the Past!  Atari Planetarium shows the locations of more than 1200 Stars, 88 Constellations, Our Solar System and more than 300 Deep-Sky objects. You can Print out your own Stellar and Planetary maps and study Eclipses and Transits, you will date historical events from Astronomical records, you will synchronize Ancient Calendars, you will study Latitude and Longitude, local and Greenwich Mean time, and Sunrise / Sunset vs. Latitude and Season, and you will determine Navigational positions from Celestial observations using the Atari Planetarium program!  Also includes the Latitude and Longitudes for most North American Cities, International Cities outside North America, Islands, Stars and Navigational Stars and Constellations, Future dates of Astronomical Events.   (XL / XE 64K computer + 1050 Disk Drive only) (Optional Printer)  One double sided disk (program front side, data back side) 115 page Owners Manual with the following chapters, Starting out, A Guided Tour of Atari Planetarium, A guide Tour of the Universe, Chronology, History / Archaeology, Navigation and Space Exploration.  (D) DX5083   $29.95                      

Atari Planetarium 115 page Owners Manual.  CB102399   $9.95

Atari Letter Tutor Prototype cartridge program.  This program was one of the Only Atari designed programs to be used with the Atari CX75 Light Pen.  It teaches young children how to properly write letters (Upper / Lower case), Lines / Circles and numbers by having them first see the object on the screen and then Trace over the object in a proper preset manner with the Atari CX75 Light Pen.  Contains 1 to 15 different lessons.  All though shown the menu screen, the Copy function does not work on this Prototype cartridge!  Cartridge only, no manual!  (C).  This Prototype Atari Letter Tutor Game Cartridge was never officially released by Atari CB102639  $25.95

Atari Skywriter, Educational game cartridge.  Skywriter is a fun and creative way for young people to make Compound Words.  Using the computer keyboard or a joystick, the player flies his or her plane and links the words in two different clouds to form a compound word that fits the definition at the top of the screen Compound words ages 6 - 14.  1 player, two levels.  (C).  RX8059  $29.95       

Atari Speed Reading.  Do it yourself Self Paced program, in only 30 days of practice you can increase your Reading, Speed and Comprehension.  8 Workbook units / lessons with 6 Elements in each unit (Warm-Up Exercise / Phrase-Reading Exercise / Paced and Timed Readings / New Techniques / Flexible Reading / Reading Progress Graph, also includes Voice-over Audio track which provides encouragement and instructions while the programs are loading.  Requires a Atari Joystick, 410 or 1010 cassette Recorder and Atari Basic Cartridge.  Manual 209 pages and 4 tapes. Ages 15 - Adult.  (16K Minimum Computer)(Cass.) CX4126   $15.00

Atari Typo Attack, Educational game cartridge.  Teaches Touch Typing skills ages 8 + up.  9 Skill levels, four game options (Cas.).  RX8057  $16.50

The Excellent Atari Conversational Series of Beginning Language programs, that require Atari 8 bit computer, Atari Basic language and a 410 or 1010 program recorder.   Each Language has data / words displayed on the monitor screen and a Voice track so you can hear the Proper Pronouncement of each word in the lesson

Atari Conversational Spanish Language (Cass) CX4120 $29.95 

Atari Conversational French Language 5 Tape Set / Workbook Manual.  CX4119   $29.95

Atari Conversational Italian Language 5 Tape Set / Workbook Manual.  CX4125  $29.95

Atari Conversational French Workbook / Manual only 33 Pages (less tapes).  CO15727-19  $4.95

Atari Conversational German Workbook / Manual only 33 Pages (less tapes).  CO15727-18  $4.95

Atari Conversational Spanish Workbook / Manual only 33 Pages (less tapes).  CO15727-20  $4.95

Atari European Countries & Capitals.  This Atari program will teach you the Geography of Europe.  The computer draws a map of Europe and you must identify the 26 European Countries and then its capital from the outline on the screen.  For Ages 10 to Adult.  Requires Minimum 16K of Ram, Atari Basic and 410 or 1010 Atari Program Recorder.   1 Tape with 2 page manual. (Cas)  CX4114   $9.95


Atari Educational System Master.  Used with Atari green boxed Atari Educational System Talk and Teach Cassette Lessons and Atari 410, 1010 or XC11 / XC12 Cassette recorder.  Only the Atari Educational Master Cartridge will allow you to load the different Atari Educational System Cassettes into your Atari 8 bit computer.  Like the Atari Spanish, French, German Language series Cassettes (which only required an Atari Basic Cartridge), there is a data track (for data and information displayed on your TV / Monitor) and audio track (thru your TV speaker) played via the Atari Educational Master Cartridge for each of the 14 different Atari Talk and Teach Courses.  Over the last 24+ years, we have only had a few of these Rare and Now a days Hard to find Educational Master Cartridges CXL4001 in stock.  The other day we broke down one of the thousands and thousands of Atari Pallets we got out of the local Sunnyvale warehouses years ago and found a small box of New Atari Educational System Master Cartridges among all of the other Atari parts and Atari items on that pallet.  New Cartridge only, No box, No manual. (C) CXL4001  $39.95



Atari Educational Basic Sociology (4 Tapes).  CX6005  $25.00

For your Reference and Information only, here is complete list of the Atari Educational System Lesson Cassettes sets Atari made.  None of the Atari Educational Lessons listed below are in stock, except the one listed above.  U.S. History, U.S. Government, Supervisory Skills, World History, Basic Sociology, Counseling Procedures, Principles of Accounting, Physics, Great Classics, Business Communications, Basic Psychology, Effective Writing, Principles of Economics, Spelling, Basic Electricity and Basic Algebra

AtariLab Starter Set with Temperature Interface Module + Temperature Cartridge, Temperature Sensor, Thermometer, Experimenter's Manual (143 pages), for ages 9 to Adult.  This Software / Hardware program we developed by Dickinson College for the Atari Learning Systems series of  Science programs.  The Starter set allows you to set up and run many different Temperature and Heat-energy related Science Experiments using your Atari 8 Bit (400 / 800 / XL / XE) computer.  Allows you to print out / plot Data of your Temperature  Experiments.  Good for home or class room Science type Demonstrations.  Many teachers rate the AtariLab series of products as "The Best" for class room science demonstrations using the very inexpensive and easy to program Atari 8 bit computers!!   (C).  AED80013  $15.95

AtariLab Temperature Series Replacement Experimenter's Manual (143 pages).  CB102401  $5.00

AtariLab Temperature Series Replacement Temperature Cartridge.  CB102232   $8.95

AtariLab Temperature Series Replacement / Extra Interface Module.  CB102059   $9.95

AtariLab Temperature Series  Replacement Temperature Sensor.  CB102060  $5.95

AtariLab Light Module Replacement  Experimenter's Manual (106 Pages).  CB102402  $5.00

AtariLab Light Module Replacement Light Cartridge.  CB102231  $8.95

AtariLab Light Module Replacement Light Sensor Cable assembly (Orange Jack).   CB102061  $5.95

AtariLab Light Module Replacement Light Source Cable assembly (Red Jack).  CB102062   $5.95

AtariLab Light Module Replacement Light Stand.  CB102063  $3.00

AtariLab Light Module Replacement Analyzer Wheel Polarizer and Light Filters.  CB102064   $4.95    

  Atari 8 bit Word Processors and Home Computing Software titles

AtariWriter Word Processor (C) The original cartridge based Atari Word Processor (WP) program, rated by a Consumer Magazine as one of the more simpler WP to use.  Files can be saved to 410 or 1010 Atari recorders or Atari disk drives.  Will allow you to write up to 14 pages of text Double spaced, or 7 pages of Single spaced text approximately per file.  Some of the Product Features, Insertion of text during printing, Search and Replace text, Left and Right Margin control, Page length control, Page footers and headers, choice of 3 character fonts, 10, 16 and Proportional spacing (Dot Matrix Printers), Extensive test editing functions, Preview format prior to printing and Extensive page and paragraph controls.   Optional printer driver program (D) required for non-Atari brand printers to use all of the AtariWriter printer functions, see below.  Copyrighted in 1982, AtariWriter program is still one of the Most popular 8 Bit Word Processor still in use today. RX8036 $39.95    Special Buy !! $29.95                    

AtariWriter Word Processor (C) same as above English version but in German language.  AtariWriter German Version with English Manual.  RX8036-GR  $29.95

AtariWriter Word Processor (C) same as above English version but in Spanish language.  AtariWriter Spanish Version with English Manual.  RX8036-SP  $29.95

AtariWriter Word Processor (C) same as above English version but in French language.  AtariWriter French Version with English Manual.  RX8036-FR  $29.95

AtariWriter Word Processor (C) same as above English version but in Italian language.  AtariWriter Italian Version with English Manual.   RX8036-IT  $29.95

AtariWriter Cartridge, English version Only.  RX8036-C  $20.00

AtariWriter Manual, English version Only.  RX8036-M $20.00

AtariWriter Proofreader with 36,000 Word Dictionary (English Language), Spell checking program for above AtariWriter RX8036 Cartridge program only.  Proofreader gives the cartridge based AtariWriter Word Processing program extra capabilities!   There's no excuses for excuses.  Because Atari Proofreader Catches Every Spelling Error and highlights it Unmistakably in your documents.  You can create and supplement the Proofreader Dictionary with your own personal dictionary with unique or specialized words to your work, business or profession too.  Proofreader menu options:  Spelling options, Correct Errors, Highlight Errors, Print Errors, Dictionary Search, Lode Personal Dictionary, Return to Atariwriter and Save Personal Dictionary.  Proofreader Program and Dictionary Diskette and 20 Page Manual  (D) (32K Min. Computer required).  AX2033  $19.95     Now an inexpensive accessory that Every AtariWriter cartridge based Word Processor Owner should have!

AtariWriter (Original RX8036 Cartridge) Printer Driver Program By Gary Furr (D).  If you  do not have an Atari made printer, this Excellent disk based program lets you to take full advantage of your specific printer capabilities with the AtariWriter program.  Allows you to use ONE of 49 different / current brands / 89 models of Dot Matrix, Ink Jet and Letter Quality Printers on your Atari 8 bit system.  This program will give you the features that are build into the AtariWriter Program for Atari printers but on non Atari printers!  Just some of the Brands of printers this driver program supports, Okidata, Panasonic, Epson, Star, Brother, Silver Reed and more!  CALL for other Brands supported!  CB101468  $12.00

AtariWriter Plus Word Processor with Proofreader, Mail Merge (Data Base Program) and Non-Atari Printer Driver Creator program.  Will allow you to write up to 8 pages of text Double spaced, or 4 pages of Single spaced text approximately per file.  This second Generation Improved Atari Word Processor also includes a Special version of AtariWriter Plus for only the 130XE computers, that makes use of the 130XE extra memory banks.  130XE version (back side of disk) will allow you up to 20 pages Single spaced text approximately.  48K Min. computer required.  AtariWriter Plus Program Disk, Atari Proofreader Dictionary Disk, 4 page Quick Reference Laminated Card and 82 page Owners Manual.  (D).  AX2034  $45.00

AtariWriter 80 Atari 80 Column Word Processor (Must be used with Atari XEP80 Hardware Unit only) Features same as the above AtariWriter Plus but with 80 Column Display.  400, 800, XL and XE Game Machine Version AtariWriter 80 disk and 130XE version also included.  Extra Features in AtariWriter 80:  80 Column Editing, Printer output allowed to serial port or XEP80 parallel port, Accesses the built-in International Character set for instant Foreign Language Correspondence.  AtariWriter 80 Program Disk, Atari Proofreader Dictionary Disk, 4 page Quick Reference Laminated Card and 98 page Owners Manual.  (D).  AX2035  $45.00

AtariWriter 80 Atari 80 Column Word Processor 98 Page Owners manual.  C300385  $17.00

Bank Street Word Processor (D) from Broderbund Software, developed by Intentional Education's Inc / Bank Street College.  Bank Street Writer lets you concentrate on your writing, not on trying to remember special codes, keys, or symbols.  You can write, revise, correct, erase, undo your erase, and rearrange your words, sentences, and paragraphs almost instantly.  Bank Street Writer is packed with powerful features you would expect to find only in a far more expensive word processing program.  Created by Educators, tested by Children and proven by Adults.  32 page manual.  CB101896   $15.00

Atari Bookkeeper CX419 program Kit with CX85 keypad package. One of "The Best" small business accounting programs for Atari 8 bit computers!  The Bookkeeper organizes and simplifies financial record keeping using the Double Entry Accounting Method.  It automatically prepares and prints out Professional caliber Financial Reports, including a Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Checks Written, Cash Received, Invoices Written, Customers by Alphabetical or Numerical order, General ledger Accounts and many more, all ready for your CPA!  When this program was first sold it had a $200+ price tag!!  (Keypad not recommend for use on XL / XE Computers)  Some basic knowledge of accounting is recommended!   Bookkeeper Data Entry program, Data Base Diskette, Reporting Diskette, Sample Date Base Diskette, 139 page User's Guide,   Bookkeeper 8 page Simplified Guide, 2   CO16349 Atari Diskette Holders, Disk and Write Protect Labels and CX85 Keypad.  (48K Ram Minimum / Atari Basic) (D).  CLX419  $39.95

Best Information Tip:  We used the Atari Bookkeeper program for our Accounting needs for the first 3 to 5 years we were in Atari business.

Atari Bookkeeper program only.  Bookkeeper Data Entry program, Data Base Diskette, Reporting Diskette, Sample Date Base Diskette, 139 page User's Guide, Bookkeeper 8 page Simplified Guide, 2   CO16349 Atari Diskette Holders, Disk and Write Protect Labels.  (48K Ram Minimum / Atari Basic)  (D).  CX414  $25.00

Atari Bookkeeper 139 page User's Guide.  CB101396-BO   $12.00

Atari Bookkeeper 8 page Simplified Guide.  CA060151  $9.95

Atari Paint Developed by Capital Children's Museum.  With Atari Paint your move your joystick cursor around the Atari computer monitor / TV screen and push the Joystick button and you are now painting, just like a regular Artist.  But with Atari Paint you have your choice of up to 82 different Paint Brushes, different Colors, Fill shapes with Colors, draw Lines, Rectangles or Circles, Mix-change the Hue and Brightness, Speed of brushes, X-fill and Zoom features and using Utilities, you can Get, Store and Delete your Atari Paint pictures.  The first screen of Atari Paint has the following menu choices:  Paint Menu, Simple Paint, SuperPaint and Art Show.  175 Page Users manual, requires Minimum 48K of Memory, Atari Joystick and Atari Basic (D).   DX5048   $29.95    

Atari Paint 175 page User's Manual only.   CB101396-PA   $15.00

Atari Silent Butler   A Personal Bookkeeping Program for paying Bills, Keeping Tax records and managing your Checking and Savings Accounts with Print Outs.  Silent Butler will Maintain your Income and Tax records, Balance up to three checking and savings accounts, remind you of Birthdays, Anniversaries, Dates and Meetings, Summarize your year-end tax status, provides instant updates of your Financial status.  When the silent butler needs information-bank deposit figures, installments for Credit Card payments or Check amounts-it asks you for it and keeps your books current.  You provide the information; Silent Butler gives you a balanced budget and some peace of Mind.  (XL / XE 64K computers and 1050 disk drive only)  Manual 16 pages, Silent Butler Program Disk, Silent Butler Record Disk (D).  DX5082   $29.95

Atari Stock Charting   With Atari Stock Charting Program you can Track and Study Selected Stocks and their Market Performance.  You can also retrieve, List and Graph data on a daily basis.  The graph includes a six day oscillator, Closing Quotes, Volume and Ten-Day moving average.  You can compare and see Growth, Price Performance and Dividend-Payout in relation to Earning over a specified period of time.  With the variety of charts, moving averages, oscillators, volume data and high-low and close figures you can make predictions on the market as a whole or on individual stocks.  It can graphically provide a picture of several stocks in a Portfolio.  Stock Charting is an excellent tool for Investigating Stocks prior to purchase!   Includes one Stock Charting Program Diskette, one 10 page manual and one CX811 Formatted Diskette with one Atari Diskette Holder (3 ring binder type).  Requires 24K minimum of Ram, Atari Basic and Atari Disk drive.  (D).  CX8108   $9.95

Atari Bond Analysis  The Atari Bond Analysis program contains two different Bond programs, Bond Yield and Bond Price!  With the Bond Analysis programs you will be able to Calculate the yield to maturity of a Bond given the annual coupon, the par value or redemption price at maturity, the current market price, and the length of time until maturity.  You can also calculate the price and accrued interest for a bond, given the coupon, par value, time until maturity, and the forecasted yield.  Requires Atari Basic, Disk drive and 24K minimum Ram.   (D).  CX8106  $9.95

Atari Timewise  Monthly Calendar / Diary program.  Timewise is an Atari program that helps Active people Organize and Keep track of a full schedule of Appointments by the day, week or monthly Simply and Automatically.  You can keep Appointments such as Doctor's, Business Meetings, Sales Calls, Reorder Dates, Flight Schedules, Deadlines, Theater Events, Birthdays, Payment Dates, Anniversaries, Lunches, Dates, Car Maintenance for yourself, your entire family or all the people involved in a Small Business.  Each data disk can Hold / Print / Search out up to 630 different Appointments (32K memory), 1024 Appointments with 48K of memory.  You can print current month calendar, future calendars and even blank calendar forms.  The first Timewise menu screen contains the following menu selections:  List current Appointments, Monthly Calendar, Add new Appointments, Inquire / Update Appointments and File Maintenance.  Requires at least 32K of Memory and Atari Basic.  (D).   DX5047  $15.00 

Atari Family Finances.  This two disk program, Family Cash Flow, Family Budget, will help you itemize and analyze information on you Personal Finances.  Family cash flow tracks as many as 100 expense entries in 13 categories, 20 income entries in 13 categories for up to 12 months.  You can create and print out a Family Budget using the information from your Family Cash Flow files.  Menu driven and color coded screens.  (32K Ram Minimum / Atari Basic) (D).  CX421 $15.00

Special Find! The Classic Atari SynCalc Straightforward Spreadsheet. No matter what kind of figures you're dealing with Business or Personal, SynCalc gives you the easiest and most Powerful way to Calculate with your Atari 8 bit computer system. Set up and print professional spreadsheets for Business applications like Sales and Cost estimates. Use SynCalc to solve "What If" questions for Business and Personal investing. Handle personal finances like checkbook balancing, family budgeting and income tax calculation. SynCalc can also help you with your Math, Science or Business class homework. SynCalc is fully compatible with SynFile, SynTrend, Atariwriter and VisiCalc Atari programs. For use with Atari 8 bit computers with 48K memory and Disk Drive, also takes advantage of the Atari 130XE Extra 64K memory bank. Synapse SynCalc Program Disk, Quick Reference Card, 146 page Manual in a Binder. AX2030 $39.95

Special Find!  The Classic Atari SynFile+ Ultimate Filing System Program.  No matter what kind of information you're dealing with Business or Personal, SynFile+ gives you the easiest and Most Powerful way to organize it with your Atri 8 bit computer.  Create and Print files, Records or Reports for Business applications like Expenses, Invoices, Addresses and Customer lists.  For use with Atari 8 bit computers with 48K memory and Disk Drive, also takes advantage of the Atari 130XE Extra 64K memory bank.  Synapse SynFile+ Program Disk, Tutorial Disk, Quick Reference Card, 121 page Manual in a binder.  AX2031  $39.95

MPP Microfiler Program.  This program is very close to the excellent Discontinued Synapse Synfile Atari program! Any information you might keep in a 3 X 5 card file can be stored using Microfiler. Microfiler allows you to browse through the information, search for specific entries, Add or find Averages of numeric information and allows you to configure different formats for your printed out information. Uses for Microfiler include mailing lists, checking accounts, house hold inventories / valuables with serial numbers, catalog collections such as stamps, game cartridges, books, CD / records, recipes expense records and much, much more! 410 / 1010 or Atari disk drive required to store and retrieve data records.  (C). CB101389   $19.95

Sesame Street Print Kit   This program is a versatile print utility program!  It allows Children and Adults to Design and Create a variety of Printouts using their favorite Muppet characters.  You can print Greeting cards, Invitations, Announcements, Signs, Posters, Banners with variable letter sizes borders and Graphics, Stationery, Letterhead, Memos, Note Paper, Post Cards and lets you create Storybook individual pages that can be fastened together to read and color.   Includes 7 Fonts, 7 Text Styles, 3 Text Sizes, 60 Sesame Street Muppet Character Graphics, 20 Border Styles, also includes a Printer Setup program that covers over 40 popular printers.  Allows you to save the last print out to disk, do a rough and final Draft print outs, Left, Right or Center Justify Text and is compatible with PrintPower Graphics.  The Print Kit has many New Features that the old Print Shop Program, which is no longer produced for the Atari 8 bit Computers, never had!  It Also sells for 1/ 2 the cost of Print Shop program!   Also includes a C64 version of Print Kit Program.  (D) (48K Computer Min.).  CB102224  $19.95

VisiCorps "VisiCalc"  Spread Sheet / Electronic Work sheet program for Atari 8 bit computers.  Whether you are working with Investments, Cash Flow, Inventory Estimates, Budgets, Forecasts, Plans--nearly anything Numerical, the VisiCalc program can help you work better, smarter and faster.  Your spread sheet capacity is 63 columns wide and 254 lines deep!  You can use the CX85 Atari keypad with driver program for entry of numbers.  170 page Manual  (D) (32K Computer min.).  CB102223   $29.95     

 Atari 8 bit Computer Languages, Books, Books with Software.

The Following Six Basic books are Recommended by Best for Atari 8 Bit (400 / 800 / 800XL / 1200XL / 65XE / 130XE / XE Game System) First time computer owners who wants to learn about and program in Atari Basic!  Most of the books assume you know little or nothing about computer programming!

Atari BASIC (Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) Reference Manual, 3 ring binder format.  This was the original Basic manual Atari used with the 400 / 800 computers and Should have been supplied with the XL / XE computers.    Includes sample programs in the back of the manual Any 1st time computer user can type in and run.  This Atari reference Manual also contains over 80 explanations / definitions of All of the Atari Basic command words like Goto, Input, DIM, Print and so on used in the four books below.  Sections covered:  General Information-Terminology-Special Notations Used in this Manual-Abbreviations Used in this Manual-Operating Modes-Special Function Keys-Arithmetic Operators-Operator Precedence-Built in Functions-Graphics-Sound and Games-Wraparound and Keyboard Rollover-Error Messages, Commands-BYE-CONT- END-LET- LIST-NEW-REM-RUN-STOP, Edit Features-Screen Editing-Double Key Functions-Special Function Keys, Program Statements-FOR/NEXT/STEP-GOSUB/RETURN-GOTO- IF/THEN-ON/GOSUB-ON/ GOTO-POP-RESTORE-TRAP, Input / Output Commands-Input/Output Devices- CLOAD-CSAVE-DOS- ENTER-INPUT-LOAD-LPRINT-NOTE-OPEN/CLOSE-POINT-PRINT-PUT /GET-READ/DATA- SAVE-STATUS-XIO-Chaining Programs, Function Library-Arithmetic Functions-ABS-CLOG-EXP- INT-LOG-RND-SGN-SQR  Trigonometric Functions-ATN-COS-SIN-DEG/RAD  Special Purpose Functions-ADR-FRE-PEEK-POKE-USER, Strings-ASC-CHR$-LEN-STR$-VAL-String Manipulations, Arrays and Matrices-DIM-CLR, Graphics Modes and Commands-Graphics-Graphics Modes 0 thru 8-COLOR-DRAWTO -LOCATE-PLOT-POSITION-PUT/GET-SETCOLOR-XIO-Assigning Colors to Text Modes-Graphics Control Characters, Sound and Game Controllers-SOUND-PADDLE-PTRIG-STICK-STRIG, Advanced Programming Techniques-Memory Conservation-Programming in Machine Language.  Appendix:  Basic Reserved Words, Error Messages, ATASCII Character Set with Decimal/Hexadecimal Locations, Atari 400/800 Memory Map, Derived Functions, Printed Versions of Control Characters, Glossary, User Programs, Memory Locations.  121 pages.  CO15307 $25.00

101 Atari Basic Programming Tips and Tricks for Atari Home Computers book.  Contains 101 short Type in Basic programs, that helps you learn Atari Basic commands.  General Sections covered:  Introduction, Fun and Games, Text on Text, Gee Whiz, Number Crunching, Money Matters and Colorful Graphics.  Appendix:  Atari Basic Words, Error Message and Companion Cassette Log.  128 pages.   CB101810   $10.00

Kids and The Atari (Introduction to Atari Basic, Excellent for Beginning Adults too)  33 different Basic lesson assignments.  Sections covered:  Introduction-Lessons 1 thru 14 covers Print-New-REM-Run, Buzz-Inverse-and String Constants, List and Memory Boxes-Backspace-Cursor Keys-Insert-Delete, String boxes-DIM-LET, The INPUT Command, Tricks with PRINT, The GOTO Command and Break key, The IF Command, Introducing Numbers, Delay Loops-Sound, The If Command with Numbers, Random Numbers and the INT Function, Saving to Tape.  Graphics, Games and All That-Lessons 15 thru 24 covers Some Shortcuts, Graphics Characters-POSITION, FOR-NEXT Loops, Edit and Run Modes-the Calculator, DATA-READ-Restore, Sound, Color Graphics, ASCII Code, Secret Writing and the GET Command, Pretty Programs-GOSUB-RETURN-END.  Advanced Programming-Lessons 25 thru 33 covers Keyboard-ON-GOTO, Snipping and Gluing Strings, Switching Numbers with Strings, Joystick For Action Games, Shooting Stars, Arrays, Logic-AND or NOT, User Friendly Programs, Debugging-STOP-CONT.  Other Sections covered:  Reserved Words, Answers to Assignments, Glossary, Commands, Error Messages.  219 pages CB101315   $12.00

Wiley Atari Basic book Published by John Wiley & Sons.  Atari Basic work book is a Wiley self-teaching type of guide with 8 different chapters each having sample programs, questions, answers, fill in sections and a Final Test.  Sections covered:  Your Atari Personal Computer, Getting Started, Assignment Statements, Stored Programs and Branching, Decisions Using I-Then Statements, Read and Data Work Together, For-Next Loops, Subscripted Variables, Double Subscripts, String Variables and String Functions, Color Graphics and Sound and Self Test.  Appendixes:  Basic Functions, ASCII Character Codes, Error Messages.  332 pages.  CB101317   $12.00

Inside Atari Basic book is a beginning level book that cover Basic Graphics and Sound Capabilities as well as other interesting Atari 8 Bit Computer features.  Sections covered:  Basic Programming and Graphics, Color and Sound.   183 pages.   CB101318   $12.00

Atari Basic Learning by using book by Hofacker.   Sections covered:  Introduction, Atari Screen Drawings-German Flag-Design-Circle-Star-Title Page-Symbols in Graphics 2, Special Sounds-Musical Tune-Up and Down Sound-Audible Joystick, Keys-Paddles and Joystick-Console Function Key-Paddle Motion-Joystick Drawing-TAB-Key Control-Pick a key, Specialized Screen Routines-Player-Missile Graphics-German Font-Mixed Mode Screen-Character in Graphics 4, 6 and 8, Graphics and Sound Application-Duel-Video Art-Guessing Game-Slot Machine-Linear X - Y Plot, Peeks Pokes and Special Stuff-The Atari Clock 18-19-20.  Appendix:  Description of Memory Addresses, Player Missile Memory Map, Building a Display List, Calculating Screen Position.  70 pages.  CB101838-B  $12.00

Atari Basic Learning book with programs disk (5 1 / 4 inch) (30 files) (Floppy disk contains all the "Type In" Basic programs in the book).  CB101838-BD  $16.00

Atari Basic Learning programs disk alone.  CB101838-D  $5.00

(Also see Writing Programs (Basic I + II Tapes and Manuals in the Miscellaneous Software section))

Atari BASIC Cartridge, Rev. A   The Atari Basic Rev. A cartridge was shipped with the Atari 400 / 800 / 1200XL 8 bit computers.  For the average Atari Basic language user this is the cartridge they will require!  If you run only / a lot of basic programs consider the "C" Version Atari Basic.    CXL4002A  $10.00

Atari BASIC Cartridge, Rev. C  This Rev. C version Atari Basic Cartridge corrected a couple of program bugs in the Rev. A version, one of which would occasionally lock up the Atari 8 bit computers running some basic programs.   CXL4002C  $20.00

Games for the Atari Book by Hofacker 115 pages.  Type in Basic Games included, Backgammon, Smarty, Bomber, Robot Attack, Ball, Smart, Barrier, Knight-Battle and Calendar.  Machine language game Gunfight.  Also covers Movements in Basic, Movements of Missiles, Overlapping Detection, Sound Features, Programming the Joystick and has sections on Antic and GTIA Video Processors, Display List Interrupts and Atari Character Set.  (Basic / Machine language).  CB101469-B  $8.00

Games for the Atari book with all of the Basic program listings in the Games book on a 5 1/ 4 inch Atari Floppy disk (24 files) (B+D).  CB101469-BD  $12.00

Games for the Atari book programs 5 1/4 floppy disk alone.  CB101469-D    $5.00

Your Atari Computer book, A Guide book for the 400 / 800 / XL / XE first time Atari Computer Owners.  This Excellent Book covers connecting up Atari Computers to Entry level Basic and Advanced Basic programming.   Chapters covered, Presenting the Atari Home Computers, How to Operate the Atari Computers, Programming in Basic, Advanced Basic Programming, The Program Recorder, Atari Printers, The Atari 810 Disk Drive, Introductory Graphics, Advanced Graphics, Sound, Compendium of Basic Statements and Functions, Appendixes:  Error Messages and Explanations, Status Statement Codes, Derived Trigonometric Functions, Codes-Characters and Keystrokes, Atari Basic Keywords and Abbreviations, Memory Usage, Useful PEEK and POKE Locations, Conversion Tables, The Atari XL Series.  465 pages.  CB101979  $12.95

Atari Microsoft Basic I Program.  Features High throughput speed, Renumber, Merge, Delete Options, Easy access to Player / Missile graphics and sound registers, Powerful string manipulation capabilities and Programs convertible to / from other 6502 based microprocessors.  Microsoft Basic offers many additional powerful commands.  It is faster than Atari Basic and provides floating point precision to 15 digits.  167 page Manual with Graphics Control Key keyboard chart.  (32K Minimum Computer) (D).   CX8126  $20.00    Special Buy!!   $14.95

Atari Microsoft Basic II Program.  Atari Microsoft Basic II is a powerful programming language that uses simple English commands, Features and Atari Cartridge with extension diskette for faster loading.  Features:   Revises bugs found in Microsoft Basic I, will Autorun a Basic Program, relaxed handling of strings, one-dimensional strings without telling the computer in advance, allows multidimensional arrays of variables and strings, can enter program line numbers automatically, New commands dealing with DOS files: Kill-Lock-Unlock-and Name, NO Syntax checking is done as you type in programs but only when you Run your programs allowing you to trace errors right to their source with TRON and TROFF commands, floating-pint accuracy to 16 digits, implements math functions more rapidly by utilizing the interpreter rather than the operating system ROM routines and will support 4 disk drives   16K Minimum Memory.  Microsoft Basic II 142 page Reference Manual with sample programs, 8 page Microsoft Basic Users guide, Microsoft Basic 13 page Quick Reference Guide, Microsoft Cartridge with Extension Disk.  (16K Minimum Computer) (C & D).  AX2025   $55.95

Atari Assembler Editor Program for 6502 Assembly Language Programming.  Users should be familiar with 6502 Assembly Language.  Assembly Language programs will run faster compared to Basic programs!  Product features, program consists of the Editor, the Assembler, and the Debugger, Auto numbering and re-numbering, Allows storage of source and object code on disk, tape or printer, Allows trace, single step, run at address, assembly or disassembly one step at a time, look at the change memory locations.  (C).  CXL4003   $34.00

Atari Assembler Editor Manual only.  83 Pages.  CO14189-03  $19.95

How to Program your Atari in 6502 Machine Language Book by Hofacker An introduction to Machine Language for the Basic programmer.  Sections covered:  Monitor-Address-Program Counter-Statements, PRTBYT Routine, Programming model of the 6502 CPU-CPU Register-Zero Page Addressing-Absolute Addressing, Programs with Branches-Positive and Negative numbers-Relative Addressing Comparisons, How to Use Subroutines-Saving the Contents of Registers-Exchange of data between Main Program and Subroutine-Indirect Jumps, Indexed Addressing-Transfer of data within Memory, Input of Text Logic Flow Chart-Differences between the ATARI Editor/Assembler Cartridge and ATAS-1 and ATMAS-1, Input of a Hexadecimal Number-Input of a Decimal Number-Multiplication by 10, Pseudo Commands and Address Calculations, Stack Operation Execution Time and Indirect Jump to Subroutine, Comparison of Equivalent BASIC and Machine Language Programs, Machine Code Examples, Prints one row of Character C, A Screen full of Characters, Setting the Color Registers, Relocator for the ATARI, Reverse Video, ASCII Output, Random Number Generator and Accessing Machine Language Programs from Basic.  Chapter A:  Number Systems, Binary Numbers, Hexadecimal Numbers and Hexadecimal to Decimal Conversion.  Chapter B:  Digital Concepts Logic in Programming and Computer Hardware, Logic Operations and Logic Gates, Combinational Logic and Decoders, Decoders and Memory and CPU Bus System.  106 pages.   CB101373-B   $12.00

How to Program your Atari in 6502 Machine Language book with program disk (5 1/4 inch) (23 files).   CB101373-BD    $15.00

How to Program your Atari in 6502 Machine Language Book programs Disk alone.  CB101373-D   $5.00

Atari Macro Assembler is a Software development tool for the experienced programmer. The Program-Text Editor and Macro Assembler allows you to write and edit programs in 6502 Assembly Language for fast efficient execution.  The Atari Macro Assembler allows conditional assembly, code duplication, access to library definitions, program-listing control and cross-reference tables.  This powerful development toll for serious programmers offers fast compilation and uses standard 6502 mnemonics.   Also includes Macros and Conditional Assemblies, Two manuals and Reference card.  (32K Minimum Computer)  (D).  CX8121  $39.95

Hackerbook, Tips and Tricks for your Atari Computer book by Hacker.  Contains very important subroutines in Machine Language.  Requires a symbolic Editor / Assembler or the ATMAS Macro Assembler to run the fully tested programs with source codes in this book.  Sections covered:  Input and Output of Numbers, Hexadecimal Input / Output, Decimal Input / Output, 16-Bit Arithmetic without sign, 16-Bit Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division, String output, Output of Text, Introduction to CIO, The Standard CIO Commands, How to Read or Write Data in Machine Language, Introduction to the Disk Controller, The DCB Commands, How to Write a Sector to Disk, How to Make a Bootable Program, How to Make a Bootable Disk, How to Make a Bootable Cartridge, Sample program for a Cartridge: Memory Test, Eprom-Burner for the Atari 400 / 800, Hexdump of the Eprom Burner Software, How to Add or Change a Device, A Bootable  Tape Generator Program, A Direct cassette to Disk Copy Program, How to Connect your Atari with Another Computer, 300 Baud Serial Interface Via the Atari Joystick Ports, Printer Interface, Differences between the Atari Editor / Assembler Cartridge and ATAS-1 and ATMAS-1.  116 Pages.   CB102225  $12.00

Astrology a look into the Future book by Hofacker.  Chapters covered: The Stars in you Hands, The Aim of this Booklet, The meaning of the Houses, The meaning of the Aspects, Using the program, Important Aids and Test for an Interpretation, Further Definition of the Houses, The Ascendant, Atari Basic Listing of the Astrology Program for the Atari.   38 pages.   CB101839-B  $4.00

Astrology book with programs disk (5 1/4 inch) (4 files).   CB101839-BD  $8.00

Astrology programs disk alone.  CB101839-D   $5.00

Atari Logo Language Logo is a Teaching Language with Turtle Graphics that was used in many school computer labs (C).  RX8032   $19.95

Atari Logo Introduction to Programming Manual.  Sections covered:  Logo on Atari-An Introduction, The Print Command, Meet the Turtle, Teaching the Turtle to Draw a Square, Saving and Retrieving your Work, The Turtle and the Text on the Screen, The Turtle's Pen and Color, Another Look at Editing Procedures, Your Workspace, A Graphics Project-Drawing a Spider, Turtle Geometry-Triangles, Variables-Big Squares and Small Squares, Circle and Arcs, The Turtle's Field, Exploring Polygons and Spirals, Extended Turtle Graphics for Atari Logo, A Game Project and Recursive Procedures.  Appendix:  Useful Tools, Table of Collisions and Events, Using Joysticks for Animation.  153 pages (Green Book).  CO61590   $9.95

Atari Logo Reference Manual.  Sections covered:  Getting Started, Logo Grammar, How Primitives are Described, Turtle Graphics, Words and Lists, Variables, Defining and Editing Procedures, Flow of Control and Conditionals, Logical Operations, Files and Special Primitives.  Appendix:  Error Messages, Special Keys, Useful Tools, Memory Space, ASCII Code, Logo Vocabulary, Glossary.  215 pages (Orange Book).  CO61589  $9.95

Atari Logo Manual Set, Intro. to Programming and Reference Manual.  BX4208  $18.95

Atari Pilot (Programmed Inquiry, Learning Or Teaching) Pilot is a simple but flexible Educational Language that is easy for children to learn in a short period of time.  Pilot is a text oriented language which is outstanding for introducing programming to all age groups.  No computer experience required. (C).  CXL4018  $29.95

Atari Pilot Teachers Instruction Manual.  Sections covered:  Preface, Introduction, Getting Started with Pilot, Writing a Pilot Program, Decision-Making Programs, Branching, Variables, Using Numbers, Modules, Many Voices, Many Sounds and Welcome to Graphics.  191 pages CB102226-TM  $19.95

Atari Student Pilot Reference Guide Manual.  Sections covered:  Pilot Information, Core Pilot, Executive Commands, Graphics, Sound and Pause and Conditionals.  Appendices:  Special Function Keys and Screen Editing, Pilot I / O Error Codes.  107 pages.  CB102226- SM  $19.95

Elcomp / Hofacker Forth on the Atari Program (D)(5 1 / 4 inch) with Forth on the Atari Book 118 pages and Free Program Descriptions 1 book 114 pages. This Forth is an extended Fig-Forth version, Editor and I/O package is included.  Utility package includes decompiler, sector copy, hex-dump (ASCII), Atari file handling, total graphics / sound and joystick program with player missile.  Two game demos (sound and animation) and a mailing list, written in Forth are included.  Runs best on the Atari 800 with 48K of Memory CB101807   $39.95

Forth on the Atari Book alone by Hofacker 118 pages.  CB101808  $9.95

1200XL Operating System Manual Supplement to 400 / 800 Technical Reference Notes.  Sections covered, How the 1200XL compares to the 400/800 computers - The Help Key - What The Function Keys Do - Key Redefinition - User Alterable Keyboard Auto Repeat Rate - Caps/Lower Key Toggle Action - LED Initialization - Power on Self Test - Option Jumpers - Additional Hardware Screen Modes - Test Screen Fine Scrolling - Disk Communication Enhancements - Power on Display Enhancement - Deleted Features, Memory map of the 1200XL, Enhancements to the 400/800 Rev. B Operating System incorporated in the 1200XL - Peripheral Handler Additions - General Improvements, Other Changes/General Information - Improved Handling of OS Database Variables - NTSC/PAL Timing Provisions - 1200XL OS ROM Identification and Checksum, Appendix A - An Example of Keyboard reassignment, Appendix B - Suggestions for the Construction of a New Character set for the New Graphics Modes 12 - 13 and details of memory use and date interpretation for modes 12 - 15., Appendix C - OS Database Changes from Rev. B to 1200.  38 Pages.  CB101074   $27.95   

Miscellaneous, Atari 8 bit Software / Firmware

Atari U.S. Translator Disk (D) (XL / XE Operating System (OS) to 400 / 800 OS) This Atari program will shut off the XL / XE OS and install the 400 / 800 O/S in memory.  A must for XL / XE computers / XE Game Machine to run the older 400 / 800 disk software!  DX5063   $15.95

Atari PAL Translator Disk (D) (XL / XE Operating System (OS) to 400 / 800 OS) This Atari program will shut off the XL / XE OS and install the 400 / 800 O/S in memory.  A must for XL / XE computers / XE Game Machine to run the older 400 / 800 disk software!  FK100807  $15.95

The Unreleased "Atari SX Express" Modem / Terminal Emulator Program DX5089 for the Atari SX212 Modem with Atari 3 foot SIO cable.  SX Express by Keith Ledbetter is a communications program you can use to communicate with Bulletin Boards, Information Services, and other modem users using the Xmodem Protocol for Error free 300 / 1200 baud transfers.  SX Express offers a variety of Dialing and Data transfer Options for making the most of your On-Line Time.  SX Express will let you create phone lists and automatically dial from your Atari 8 bit computer Keyboard.  SX Express Program Disk files, AUTORUN.SYS, 2.5 DOS.SYS and DUP.SYS, RAMDISK.COM (sets up a 64K Ram Disk on 130XEs), HANDLER.OBJ and HANDLER.DOC with 3 ft. Atari SIO cable included, 54 page User's Manual (D).  CB102016  $35.95

Atari SX Express 54 page User's Manual only.   CB102400  $19.95  

Public Domain Modem software for above SX212 for 400 / 800 / XL / XE Atari computers.  Amodem and Express 850 (D).  CB101880   $4.95

MPP Smart Terminal 4.1 Modem Cartridge for Joystick Port connected modems (C).  CB101314  $5.00

Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS Diskette II (2.0S).  Will run all on Atari 8 bit computers and Atari Disk Drives.  (D) CX8104  $10.00

Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS Diskette II (2.50).  Will run all on Atari 8 bit computers and Atari Disk Drives (No 1 1/2 density mode on 810 disk drives).  DX5075   $15.00

Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS XE Diskette DSDD.   For use with the Atari XF551 Disk Drive, other third party made Atari DSDD disk drives and XL / XE Atari Computers only.  DX5090   $15.00

Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS XE Diskette and XF551 English Owner Manual 135 Page CB101719 $27.95

Atari Master DOS II (2.0S) Kit CX8104.  Kit includes one Atari Master Diskette II (2.0S), one CO16347 Atari DOS II Reference Manual, one CX8111 Formatted Diskette and one Atari Diskette Holder (3 ring binder type).  CB102440  $25.95

Atari DOS II Assembly Source Listing 100 Pages.  CB101348   $12.00

Atari 810 / 1050 / XF551 Introduction to the Atari Disk Operating System Manual.  Has a quick over view of the required information for First Time users of Atari Disk Drives on there 400 / 800 / 600XL / 800XL / 65XE / 130XE / XE Game System Atari Computers.  Covers:  What is DOS, Loading DOS for the first time, Looking at the DOS Directory, Copying The DOS Files, Saving and Loading a Basic Program, Filenames, Wild Cards, Formatting a Diskette, Writing New DOS Files, Copying Files, Duplicating Files, Duplicating a Disk and Deleting Files.  24 Pages.  CO60054  $5.00

Atari DOS II Reference Manual.  A more in depth version of the above manual with expanded chapters on Getting Started with DOS II, Diskettes, Using DOS II, Selecting A DOS Menu Option, More user Information, Additional Information about the Disk Drive System, and Appendices covering Basic words Used with Disk Operations, Notes and Terminology Used with DOS II, Basic Error Messages and How to Recover, DOS II Memory map for 32K Ram System, Hexadecimal-to-Decimal Conversion Table, How to Speed up Data Transfers, How to Increase User RAM Size, Major Differences Between, DOS I and DOS II, Structure of a Compound File and Glossary of Terms 108 Pages.  CO16347   $15.00  

 Atari Cassette Tapes or Manuals only

(tapes require Atari 410, 1010, XC11 or XC12 recorder and Atari 8 bit computer)

Atari Juggles House Tape.  Takes the pre-schooler through three stages: Exploration, Test and Play.  In the Exploration stage, the child is encouraged to "press any key" and the program responds with colorful blocks explaining graphically that the key was upper / lower or inside / outside.  The program then moves the child into the test mode, where understanding is tested.  The child is then encouraged to play with these concepts with more elaborate screen images.  Features Juggles, a Juggling Clown (Preschool, ages 3 - 6) (Cass. Tape).  CX4130   $4.95

Juggles Rainbow Tape.  Takes the pre-schooler through three stages: Exploration, Test and Play.  In the Exploration stage, the child is encouraged to "press any key" and the program responds with colorful blocks explaining graphically that the key was above / below, left / right.  The program then moves the child into the test mode, where understanding is tested.  The child is then encouraged to play with these concepts with more elaborate screen images.  Features Juggles, a Juggling Clown (preschool, ages 3 - 6) (Cass. Tape).  CX4129   $4.95

Atari Salmon Run Try to get your Salmon as far up stream as possible (Cass. Tape).  APX0120  $4.95

Atari An Invitation to Programming (Cass. Tape).  CX4101  $4.95

Atari Writing Programs, Basic two (1 B Cass. No A Cass.).  CX4106   $4.95

Atari Writing Programs, one & two workbook / manual 53 Pages.  CO15727-6    $4.95

Atari Introduction to Sound & Graphics, Basic  (2 Cass. tapes).  CX4117    $9.95

Atari Introduction to S & G workbook / manual 47 Pages.  CO15727-17  $4.95

Atari United States & Capitals Tape.  The Atari States and Capitals program draws a map of the United States and then shows an outline of a State and asks you to identify it and its State Capital. CX4112   $4.95

Atari Statistics 1 program manual 10 Pages.  CO15727-03  $4.95

Atari Graph It program manual 15 Pages.  CO15727-09  $4.95  

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