icesWe offer a complete inventory of Atari Mega / MegaSTE Computer repair / replacement parts (down to component level, Switches, I.C. Chips, ST Mouse parts, plastics....) as well as complete computers and replacement Mega Motherboards.   Not all of the hundreds of different Atari Mega / MegaSTE computer replacement parts we carry are listed here.  If you do not see the Atari Mega / MegaSTE part or items you are looking for see the Best Rev. 10 Catalog or Via E-Mail:  

Mega 2, Mega 4 / MegaSTe

Reconditioned and New Mega's and MegaSTe's  with up to 4 Meg RAM, 40 MB Hard Disk, 720k Floppy. Features Serial/Parallel and Midi Ports.

CB102987   Atari NTSC MegaSTE Computer Reconditioned (110 - 220V Auto switching) with 1 Meg Ram (User Upgrade able to 4 Meg), Keyboard/Keyboard Cable, 720K Disk Drive, English Owners Manual, 110V Power Cord and STM1 Mouse   CALL
CB102869   NEW Atari 110V Mega 2 Computer With Upgraded / Reconditioned Mega US Keyboard with Keyboard cable, English Owners Manual, US Power Cord and STM1 Mouse  Out of stock
CB102869-RE   Reconditioned Mega 2 NTSC  With Upgraded / Reconditioned Mega US Keyboard with Keyboard cable, English Owners Manual, US Power Cord and STM1 Mouse     Out of stock
CB102868   New Atari 110V Mega 4 Computer With Upgraded / Reconditioned Mega US Keyboard with Keyboard cable, English Owners Manual, US Power Cord and STM1 Mouse Out of stock
CB101490 Mega 1 / 2 / 4 / MegaSTE / TT / Falcon R/A reset switch with gray cap $6.95

Brett L. of Canada  "Arrived today, unpacked, everything works and looks great!!!!!  Thanks a bunch."  Brett ordered a Best Reconditioned Atari Mega ST4 Computer and had the Atari ST TOS OS upgraded to TOS 1.4 latest version.

Mega Click  Mega 1, 2, 4 Keyboard upgrade Keyboard switches.  When your Atari Keyboard key switches start to fail, replace them with the Best Mega Click Keyboard switches.   The stock Atari Mega Keyboard switches do not have any tactile feedback when they are pressed and released.  The better Best Mega Click keyboard switches have a tactile click when the Mega keyboard key cap is pressed and released.  Package of 10 Mega Click switches CB101662 $15.95  Package of 30 Mega Click switches CB101661 $35    Full set of 94 Mega Click Mega US Keyboard switches CB101661FU $69.95

Best Electronics is now the US Distributor for the Atari ST Bench Mark HDDRIVER 11.14 Hard Drive ST / Mega / MegaSTE Prep program.

Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 Computer Plug in Internal Diagnostic PCB. 

This Atari 5 by 9 inch plug in diagnostic card is one of those Atari Tech tools that every Atari Mega owner should have.  It helps point to where problems are on a working Atari Mega computer or a completely dead (no Mega Display) Mega Computer without the use of an Oscilloscope.  Can be used with the external Atari ST / Mega Rev. 4.3 Diagnostic cartridge (CB101615) or it fully runs it own Diagnostic functions without the ST / Mega Diagnostic Cartridge.


One end of this Mega Diagnostic card plugs into the internal 64 pin internal Mega Buss connector on the Mega motherboard, behind the 68000P8 CPU chip.  The other end of this Mega Diagnostic card has 12 Red LEDís that tell you the status of the following Mega internal Buss lines FCO, FCI, BERR, FC2, VPA, RESET, HALT, BGAC, FC2, EG, E, BR and VMA.  Each one of the Diagnostic buss lines LED relates directly to the Atari Mega schematic Buss lines. 


With the Mega Diagnostic PCB plugged into the Mega internal Male 64 pin buss connector and the on board power connector harness (on the Mega Diagnostic card) is plugged into the Mega spare male Power connector on the Mega Motherboard in front of the internal Mega Power supply, the Mega Diagnostic PCB is ready to use.  When you turn on the Mega Computer with the Mega Buss Diagnostic card plugged in, all of the Mega Diagnostic card LEDís will light up for a second and then turn off.  Any Mega buss Red LEDís that stay on will indicate where on the Mega motherboard buss there is a problem that should be checked out and repaired.  Even with no Mega Video display, this Mega Diagnostic plug in card will indicate (via the Red LEDís) where the problem is. 


James W. of the UK   James ordered a new Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 Internal plug in Diagnostic card to test and repair Atari Mega ST Computers  "Just to let you know I have received this item. Many thanks for a smooth transaction and fast delivery."


This Mega Diagnostic buss card can be plugged directly onto a bare Mega motherboard on a test bench or into a Mega computer with only the top plastic case and top RF metal shield off, with supplied Mega Buss extension connector set that raises the Mega Diagnostic buss card enough so it will not short out of the rear edge of the Mega bottom RF Metal Shield. 


Normally this Mega Buss Diagnostic tool was only sold with a complete Mega Service center package available to Atari Dealers only. 

Plug in Mega Buss Diagnostic Card with extension connector stack CB102124 $65.00


Mark D. of ?   Was having a problem with an Atari Mega ST 4 computer he was trying to repair.  He had tried all of the standard Atari ST repair tricks like swapping out socketed Atari ST custom chips on the Mega ST 4 motherboard, but was still getting nowhere and was totally stumped.  He E-Mailed Best Electronics to get some of our FREE  28+ year Atari ST repair information, suggestions and knowledge from us.  Best suggested several different Atari Tech tips to check out on his ailing Mega ST 4 motherboard.  Several E-Mails latter  "I have repaired it thanks :0)   it was the RAM chips thanks for being so helpful"

ST / Mega 4.3 Rev. US Diagnostic Cartridge 18+ Diagnostic Tests. Ram, ROM, Color, Keyboard, Midi (requires loop back cable), Serial Port (requires shorting connector), Audio, Timing, DMA Port (requires Loop back board and cable), Printer / Joy Ports (requires joy loop back + Printer cables with Loop back board) High Resolution (requires SM124 / SM125 /SM147), Short Blitter, Long Blitter, Real Time Clock, Hard Disk Read /Write Test with Park feature, Expansion Connector (Mega), Examine / Modify Memory, Set RS232 Rate, 50 / 60 Hz Video output Toggle, Internal tests burn in tests, All Tests Burn in cycle, Floppy Disk Tests including Test Disk Speed, Quick Test, Install Disk drives, Check 80 - 82 Copy Protect Tracks, Read Alignment Disk, Disk Interchange Test, Disk Exerciser Tests, this ST Diagnostic Cartridge also checks for current Keyboard I.C. Rev., TOS O.S. Version and Total ST Memory present during boot up. Cartridge and small manual.  CB101615 $39.95

Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 US Field Service manual.  Sections Covered:  List of Illustrations, Introduction-Main Components-Case design-Difference from the 520ST/1040ST, Theory of Operation-Overview-Main System-Microprocessing unit-Glue-Main Memory-Direct Memory Access-MFP Interrupt Control-Audio /Video Subsystem-Video Shifter-Video Display Memory-Glue-Memory Controller-Sound Synthesizer-Video Interface-Input/Output Subsystems-MIDI- Intelligent and much more.  Assembly Drawings, Schematics and Silk-screen and Glossary.  86 pages.  CB101062 $40.00

Atari MegaSTE's got designed into the hart of a $20,000 Bell and Howell Mail sorting machine.  It was one of the reasons around that time in Atari history why is was almost impossible to find a used Atari MegaSTE at any reasonable price.  Any new or used Atari MegaSTE computers that were found were instantly bought by the Bell and Howell Mail sorting machine end user companies as back up computers for the expensive Mail sorting machine.


Atari ST Battle Zone Game.  3 1/2 ST Floppy disk.  Six skill levels, one or two players, one or two Atari Joysticks.  ST Color Monitor recommended, will run on ST Mono display.  DS5020  $19.95


Atari ST Cracked Game.  3 1/2 ST Floppy disk.  Three skill levels, five exciting game scenes, plus Rooster Ranch bonus round, one player with Atari ST Mouse / ST Trackball, ST Color Monitor.  DS5080 $17.95


Atari ST NEOchrome full color paint program.  3 1/2 ST Floppy disk.  82 page manual.  ST Color Monitor and ST Mouse / ST Trackball.  DS5027 $19.95 


Atari HyperPaint ST Graphics Package.  The ST HyperPaint program was developed in the UK (the hot bed of ST developed software), where some of the very best Atari ST Game and Productivity Software was developed for the Atari ST line of computers.  Atari liked this ST Graphics program so much, that they Licensed the ST HyperPaint software from UK Dimitri Koveos Company for sale in the US ST Marketplace.  Load and Save in 4 ST file formats (Neo, Degas - Compressed or Uncompressed or IMG) 130 page manual, two 3 1/2 ST Floppy disks, ST Color Monitor and ST Mouse / ST Trackball.  CB102362 $29.95    HyperPaint II STe compatiable version  CB102362-STE  $35.95

Best ST Software Information Tip:  Once you create a Graphics file using Atari HyperPaint program, you may have a minor problem printing out that graphics file, if you do not have an old Atari ST Laser Printer or old Dot matrix printer.  But there is current real world fix for this minor problem.  If your Atari ST computer has TOS 1.4 (Atari ST TOS 1.4 operating OS / ROMs installed and higher, fixes the bug in the old Atari ST Floppy disk Format program where it only saved a propriety unique ST Floppy disk directory.  Atari ST TOS 1.4 OS and higher, creates duel ST Floppy Disk directories, one propriety ST and one standard PC).  So any ST formatted (not PC formatted) 720K floppy disk with Atari ST TOS 1.4 and higher, can save ST files like the HyperPaint IMG files to 720K floppy disks and have a PC computer read those HyperPaint IMG files.  After that, there are many Free software conversion programs on the Internet (do a simple Internet search), that will convert any IMG graphics file into current JPG file, which can be printed out on any current printer you now own.  So you can also load Neo Graphics file created on the Atari NEOchrome program above into HyperPaint program and save it as a IMG file.

Program Design Techniques for the Atari ST by Paul Overaa.

Paul Overaa has been programming in Basic, C and Assembler for nearly two Decades.  He has worked with hundreds of computers including Atari, Commodore and Apple. In this book he has focused his attention on the Atari ST computer.

Subjects covered include:

361 page wire spiral bond book  CB102103  $29.95











The Atari STM1 Original Atari ST mouse shipped with the Atari Mega 1,2,4 and MegaSTE computers.  CB101505 $79.95









Best Electronics TrueMouse, Replacement Mouse for the Atari STM1 Stock Mouse.  The TrueMouse has been our bench mark Replacement ST mouse for over 15+ years now.  Thousands of World Wide Atari Mega / MegaSTE owners have found, once you switch over to a Best ST TrueMouse, you will never go back to the Stock Atari STM1 mouse ever again.  Same over all physical size as the stock Atari STM1 mouse except a slightly lower and more comfortable profile with a back end of the mouse which is round in shape Not square with sharp corners!, Extra Wide Left and Wide Right mouse switch covers similar to the stock Atari mouse so it will fit all size hands and also has a tactical raised lip between the Left and Right switch covers, Extremely Positive Feeling Industrial Grade Micro / Mouse switches which are rated at a minimum of 1,000,000 operations per switch with only 120 grams operating force, Tracking resolution of 200 DPI, Opto-Mechanical Encoder Design, 5 1/2 Foot mouse cord, replacement TrueMouse parts available from Best and FCC Class B Approved. CB102079 $49.95





Dewey K. of WI  Dewey ordered a new Best Mega 2 replacement Keyboard cable to replace the used one that was in bad shape on his just received Atari Mega 2 computer.  He also ordered a new Best ST True mouse.  "WOW!!  I am very happy with the service I have received. You answered my questions, helped me through the ordering process, and shipped my order quickly.  The keyboard cable is a great replacement for the old one.  I really like the TrueMouse.  Ití much better than the Atari mouse!"

Atari STM1 Rebuild Kit.  Rebuild your order worn out Atari STM1 mouse and keep it as a back up ST mouse.  Kit includes, a new Atari OEM STM1 Mouse cable, two new Internal Atari Mouse switches, four better than stock Best's thicker STM1 Mouse new Teflon replacement feet and new a mouse ball.  Over the years Atari had about 5 to 7 different manufactures make the same STM1 mouse for them.   Each version mouse looks the same from the outside but differs on the inside and bottom locking plate construction.  All STM1 rebuild kits require ability to unsolder and solder in the replacement new mouse switches and one case the cable too.  To configure the correct Atari STM1 Rebuild kit for your exact version old STM1 mouse.  We need the following questions answered from you:

1.  Where your STM1 mouse was made (one version, does not have a country listed).  Usually listed on bottom label?

2.  Do you have slide and snap in or Round twist and lock mouse ball locking plate?

3.  Do you have Steel, Brass or Plastic internal Ball contact rollers?

4.  Size of your STM1 Mouse ball, 22 mm (3/4 inch) or 25 mm (1 inch) Diameter?

5.  Size of your SMT1 Mouse Internal Switches, 1/4 or 3/8 inch square?

6.  Internal STM1 Mouse cable female (and the Male mating) connector Color, Tan, White, Black or in one case wires soldered directly to the STM1 mouse PCB board?

Best STM1 Rebuild Kit.  CB101398  $26.95

Also in stock for the Atari STM1 mouse, Bottom Mouse Ball Locking plates, Internal sets of Photo Optics (matched set of 8) and SMT or Dip version LM339 I.C.

Best's STM1 Mouse new Teflon replacement feet with adhesive backing.  These Best designed and produced upgraded Atari STM1 replacement mouse feet (very light off white to light blue color), have a Teflon pad thickness about twice as thick, compared to the Stock made Atari STM1 OEM mouse feet.  In theory should last twice as long as the Original STM1 mouse feet.  CB101114  $5.00  per set of 4 feet

Reconditioned / Upgraded Atari PAL MegaSTE (gray case) or TT (white case) external Keyboard with keyboard cable, no choice.  Most, but not all of these used Atari keyboards, came right out the Atari Sunnyvale Corp. main headquarters.  Best got the rights to purchase all Atari items / goods out of the Atari headquarters building when Atari was shutting down.  Most of these Atari external keyboards were just laying around the different Atari departments because some of the key functions had started to fail and had been replaced with a new one from Atari inventory.  The close to 100% failure rate stock Atari MegaSTE / TT internal keyboard mylars have been replaced with the New Best Upgraded / Lifetime keyboard mylar.  Basically the only difference between an US and PAL (about 6+ International Country specific version keyboards) is the Atari PAL versions have a smaller length left shift key cap with a PAL key cap to the right next to it.  Also the International version MegaSTE / TT key caps markings that are International Country specific, like the UK Pound (money) symbol on the #3 key cap.  When used on a US Atari MegaSTE / TT computer, they will operate like a normal US keyboard.  What turns on the International different key cap functions / displays on monitor screen on the MegaSTE / TT Keyboard functions is the different International Atari ST Language disks or International Atari TOS versions used to 1st set up the MegaSTE / TT hard drive.  If your are a touch typist, the different International keycap symbols will not make a difference.  Best officially sold out of all Atari MegaSTE / TT external Keyboards close to 10+ years ago.  We were recently breaking down one of the thousands of pallets of Atari goods we got out of the local Sunnyvale Atari warehouses years ago and find the small cache of used Atari MegaSTE / TT keyboards.   CB102099-RE  $269.95

MegaSTE New UK Keyboard with cable CB102099-UK Sold out

MegaSTE / TT Gray coiled longer Keyboard replacement cable  CB102055 $15.95

MegaSTE Clear Keyboard Protector / Overlay for your MegaSTE keyboard This clear, flexible skin covers your MegaSTE keyboard but lets you See and Type thru it. Used to protect your keyboard from dust, liquids, metals and small items that could fall into your keyboard and damage it. CB102128 $19.95

Manuel R. of Spain  Manuel contacted Best looking for a replacement Impossible to find PAL MegaSTE internal Keyboard Mylar (Atari made one has a close to 100% failure rate) for his Atari Midi Studio.  The Best Exclusive better made NTSC and PAL MegaSTE Keyboard / TT replacement mylars have a Zero Failure rate based on selling them for the last 15+ years to world wide Atari MegaSTE / TT owners.  "I have already received the Atari Keyboard Mylar. All perfect. Superb packaging!  Thanks for the information of your products.  A greeting from Spain and thank you for everything."

MegaSTE / TT Internal US Keyboard Mylar.  Best sold out of the Best upgraded replacement very popular Atari Keyboard mylar about 10+ years ago.  We were recently breaking down a pallet of Atari goods we put away 15+ years ago and have not even touched that pallet since then.  In one of the old Atari boxes we found a small stash of these new Best US keyboard upgraded keyboard mylars.  All of sudden, our 39+ year Atari Super tech remembered he had stashed away those mylars for his Atari Tech area back then and completely forgot about them.   He said we were selling them so fast, he was worried we would sell out of them soon back then.  This is a Best made Upgraded / Better made replacement MegaSTE / TT Keyboard Mylar with a new Silkscreened protective circuit trace safety top covering (compared to the Mitsumi made keyboard mylars with exposed circuit traces that crack all of the time) and 2 extended circuit traces conectioning lengths (compared to the 2 stock Keyboard connection mylar strip lengths) so in the future if the ends of the connecting strip circuit traces wear off, you can trim off the end of the 2 connecting strips to expose new fresh connecting circuit traces.  This is an upgrade feature Best has been put on just about every Atari upgraded replacement Keyboard Mylar we have made for the last 35+ years.   Replaces Atari stock MegaSTE / TT Mylar internal part number 56B625A that always fails on the ESC key function and many more on the left side of the MegaSTE / TT external Keyboard key caps functions.  CB102045  $49.95    Limit 2 total

MegaSTE Internal PAL QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY Keyboard Mylar.  This is a Best made Upgraded/Better replacement MegaSTE Keyboard Mylar with protective Silkscreened circuit trace covering and extended Keyboard connection mylar strips.   Replaces Atari MegaSTE Mylar internal part number 56B625B  CB102129  $39.95

See replacement Mega and MegaST keyboard cables below.

Atari Mega 2/4 Diagnostics See 520ST / 1040ST page

Atari MegaSTE Diagnostics

 MegaSTE Atari Field Service Manual  For all world wide MegaSTE versions. Sections covered, Introduction: Overview-Main Components-Case Design - Power Supply, Theory of Operation: Overview-Main System-Audio/Video Subsystem-Input / Output Subsystems-System Startup- System Errors-Functional Block Diagram, Testing: Overview /Test Equipment-Test Configuration-Troubleshooting a dead Unit-MegaSTE Diagnostic Cartridge-Error Codes, Test Harness Hook up Diagram, Disassembly/Assembly: MegaSTE Disassembly - MegaSTE Assembly, Symptom Checklist, Diagnostic Flowchart, Parts List and Assembly Drawings, Schematics and PCB Silk-screen and Glossary. 99 pages total with 11 pages of Atari Schematics.  CB102033  $50.00

MegaSTE Diagnostic Cartridge, Rev. 1.5

20+ Diagnostic Tests. Ram, ROM, Keyboard, Color, Midi (requires loop back cable), SCC Serial Ports including LAN Port (requires optional shorting connectors), Audio, Timing, DMA Port (requires Loop back board and cable), Printer / Joy Ports (requires joy loop back + Printer cables with Loop back board) High Resolution (requires SM124 / SM125 / SM147), Short Blitter, Long Blitter, Real Time Clock, Hard Disk Read / Write Test with Park feature, Examine / Modify Memory, Set RS232 Rate, 50 / 60 Hz Video output Toggle, Internal tests burn in tests, All Tests Burn in cycle, Floppy Disk Tests including Test Disk Speed, Quick Test, Install Disk drives, Check 80 - 82 Copy Protect Tracks, Read Alignment Disk, Disk Interchange Test, Disk Exerciser Tests, SCC, VME (requires Loop back cable) also checks for current Keyboard I.C. Rev., FPU, VME Ram, TOS O.S. Version, 50 or 60 Hz operation and Total ST Memory present. Cartridge only. CB102070 $50.00

Atari 520ST, 1040ST, Mega 1/2/4, Stacy, 1040STE, MegaSTE, TT and Falcon Computer Diagnostic Loop Test Hardware Test Kit 

When Atari set up a new US Atari ST Service Center Dealer, as part of the ST Dealer Service Center package (full set of ST Computer repair Manuals, ST Color and Monochrome Monitor manuals, 520ST/1040ST Diagnostic Cartridge), a new complete 520ST, (later) 520STFM and 1040ST Computers for parts) and this loop back ST Test kit.  The new Atari ST Dealer paid for ($,$$$+) for this complete Atari Service Center Hardware Package.  

This Atari ST Loop back test hardware is used with the many different Atari ST different Diagnostic Cartridges (520ST/1040ST/Mega, Stacy, 1040STE, MegaSTE, TT or Falcon Diagnostic Cartridges) to fully test all ST computer Internal and External hardware functions.  Extra port shorting hardware / plugs required for the 1040STE, MegaSTE, TT and Falcon computers to full run all of the extra Diagnostic Tests / Ports (extra features or different style ports of those model Atari computers). 

The two DB-9 black Joystick cables are connected up to the ST Joystick/Mouse ports and back to the Loopback green PCB (most ST computers require you to crisis cross (not one to one) these DB-9 shorting cables back to the loop back PCB to get the proper port diagnostic results).  The short black or gray DB-25 Parallel cable is connected to the ST printer port and loop backboard.  The short gray ST DB-19 DMA cable is connected to the ST DMA port and the loop backboard.  The 5 pin Din shorting cable is connected up to both ST Midi Ports (one end of this Midi cable has a Red LED molded into the translucent connector housing to see the Diagnostic Midi Send and Receive sent signals).  The DB-25 Serial port shorting connector is connected to the ST Modem / RS232 external Port.

Depending on the exact version Atari ST Diagnostic Cartridge used with the ST loop back hardware test board, you can choose from the ST Diagnostic display menu to run between different ST Diagnostic tests one at a time or our 27+ year Atari Super Techís standard 12 to 24+ hour continues Burn in loop that he tests all ST computers with.  Typical Atari ST Diagnostic tests you can run using the different Atari ST Diagnostic Cartridges and Loop back external Hardware, upon boot up displays ST TOS Rev., Total ST / TT Fast Ram, Keyboard I.C. Rev. level., 5 ST Ram Tests, 7 ST internal Chip set timing Tests, if present 14 Blitter chip tests, if present 2 Real Time Clock tests, Audio tests, OS ROM Test, 2 Printer Port I/O Tests, Color and Monochrome ST display tests, 3 Keyboard tests, 5 Mouse and Joystick port tests, 12 RS232 / Serial / Modem I/O port tests, 50 / 60 Hz display toggle, 17 Internal or External Floppy Disk Drives tests, 4 DMA I/O port Tests, 2 Parallel port I/O tests, 5 Midi Send and Receive Tests.  The best way to fully test and burn in any unknown condition or repaired Atari ST computer. 

Atari ST Loopback board, cables and shorting connector Kit.  CB102271 $59.00 

Atari Tech Tip on the Loopback ST PCB board.  Our Atari Super Tech strongly recommends you tape the anti Static pink bubble bag the Loopback board comes in (or tape a piece of thick and oversized piece of cardboard) to the exposed back side / solder side of the Loopback PCB board, to prevent it from shorting out / damaging the different I.C.ís on the top side of Loop back PCB should the back side of the exposed PCB come in contact with any metal.

MegaSTE Diagnostic Cartridge, Rev. 1.2  18+ Diagnostic Tests. Ram, ROM / O.S., Keyboard, Color, Midi (requires loop back cable), SCC Serial Ports including LAN Port (requires optional shorting connectors), Audio, Timing, DMA Port (requires Loop back board and cable), Printer / Joy Ports (requires joy loop back + Printer cables with Loop back board) High Resolution (requires SM124 / SM125 / SM147), Short Blitter, Long Blitter, Real Time Clock, Hard Disk Read / Write Test with Park feature, Examine / Modify Memory, Set RS232 Rate, 50 / 60 Hz Video output Toggle, Internal tests burn in tests, All Tests Burn in cycle, Floppy Disk Tests including Test Disk Speed, Quick Test, Install Disk drives, Check 80 - 82 Copy Protect Tracks, Read Alignment Disk, Disk Interchange Test, Disk Exerciser Tests, SCC, VME (requires Loop back cable) also checks for cur-rent Keyboard I.C. Rev., FPU, VME Ram, TOS O.S. Version, 50 or 60 Hz operation and Total ST Memory present. Cartridge only  CB102822 $39.95

Atari MegaSTE US Field Service manual.  99 pages, 11 pages of Schematics.  CB102033  $50.00

MegaSTE LAN Port Shorting Plug For above MegaSTE Diagnostic Cartridge LAN Test   CB102679   $15.00
MegaSTE Serial 2 and Modem 1 + 2 Ports Shorting Plug.Three shorting plugs total required for above MegaSTE Diagnostic Cartridge, SCC / Lan Port Test.   CB102801 $8.00 ea.

Atari Power Supplies

Mega 2/4 US Internal Power Supply with Fan CB101507 $135.95

Atari Replacement Mother Boards

MegaSTE NTSC / U.S. Mother Board, Less all plug in chips   CB102713   Call

MegaSTE NTSC / U.S. Mother Board, Populated (less SIMMs and TOS ROMs).   




Randall L. of Canada   Randall found an Atari Mega ST, but it was missing the external Mega Keyboard assembly, Keyboard cable and ST mouse.  So he ordered Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded Atari Mega ST keyboard, Best made Mega ST Keyboard cable and Bests Truemouse ST mouse.  "Received the hardware and wanted to say thanks for the great packaging allowing it survive Xmas mail, most appreciated.  As for the hardware, WOW! The keyboard looks and feels brand new, I am so impressed with the professional job Best did with this!" 

Follow up Comment:  "This is my second purchase from you and both have been excellent experiences."

Atari Information tip:  The stock Atari OEM Mega ST 1 / 2 / 4 coiled keyboard cable looks like the very old plug into the wall free standing Dial / Push Button Phone cable.  But in fact the Atari Mega Keyboard is a custom made cable.  If you try to connect up an Atari Mega Keyboard, using a standard phone RJ-12 type of phone cord, you will damage the Mega ST Motherboard keyboard connector interface chips and then no Mega keyboard will work after that.

Back in stock Atari Mega ST replacement Keyboard cables! They have been out of stock for over 5 - 6+ years

Atari Mega ST 1 /2 / 4 short Keyboard cable. This flat gray Mega ST Keyboard cable measures around 23 to 24 inches end to end.  This Mega ST keyboard cable has the RJ-12 phone jack connectors on both ends of the cable. CB103157 $12.95

Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 gray Coiled Keyboard cable.  This Best manufactured replacement Atari Mega Keyboard cable measures 4 foot end to end (stretched out, 9 foot 3/4 inch length), one end has 13 inches of straight cable the other end has 2 foot of straight cable and is 1 foot longer than stock Atari Mega keyboard cable.  It has larger 7/8 inch diameter gray coils vs the stock Mega key 5/8 inch coils. This Mega ST keyboard cable has RJ-12 phone jack connectors on both ends of the cable CB102055M  $19.95


Atari Mega 1 / 2 / 4 US QWERTY Keyboard key cap set.  Full set of New US 94 Mega key caps including long US left shift key cap and space bar.   CB102102  $54.95   

MegaSTE / TT Replacement Coiled Keyboard Cable.  Replacement cable is 1 foot longer than stock Atari cable coiled / compressed, stretched out it measures 9 3/4 feet long and has 13 inches of straight cable on computer side and 2 feet of straight cable on the keyboard side, Gray in color.  This MegaSTE / TT keyboard cable has the RJ-12 phone jack connector on one end of the cable only. CB102055  $15.95

Atari Mega 2 Motherboard, Less all Plug in chips CB101503-LC $150.00

Atari Mega 2 Motherboard Populated CB101503 $235.00

Atari Mega 4 Motherboard, Less all Plug in chips CB102504-LC $195.00

Atari Mega 4 Motherboard Populated CB102504 $275.00

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