Because of current higher and higher price of Gold and Gold Plating, we have to add a $5 Surcharge per Reconditioned Gold CX52 Joystick above ($38 + $5 or $32 + $5), to cover the current higher and raising costs to plate the Rev. 9 Internal Gold Flex Circuit inside each CX52 Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold CX52 Joystick .  Reconditioned Gold CX52 Joysticks with the New 2nd Gen. Tactical feed back Gold fire buttons has the Gold Surcharge all ready added to the prices.

Danny V. of FL  Dan purchased one reconditioned Atari CX24 Joystick Upgraded with Bests New 2016 CX24 Lifetime Gold board set.  "I absolutely love the CX-24 Gold upgrade joystick! The CX-24 is actually a pleasure to use now!  I will be buying an additional CX-24 soon. Good job!"

Jim R. of MD  Jim ordered some new Atari 2600 Joystick and Atari 5200 Joystick replacement ports.  He also got two new Atari CX40 Joysticks that had been upgraded with Best CX40 Lifetime Gold PCB boards.  "I received the joysticks today.  I can honestly say I am blown away by the quality of these sticks!  Does the world know you sell these? Anyone who has any interest in 2600 gaming would be thrilled to know these are available!  Your CX40 Joystick upgraded with best lifetime Gold PCB board are nothing short of spectacular !!!  You've reinvigorated my gaming experience!  My advise to anyone contemplating buying something from eBay... Don't bother... Go with BEST!!!!"

Mike S. of OR  For his 1st Atari order from Best, Mike purchased two upgraded Atari CX40 Gold Lifetime Joysticks, 1 each New Atari CX78 Joypad and New Best Atari Light Gun.  "Playing games with the upgraded CX40’s is a revelation and the CX78 pad was an appreciated recommendation… I’ll be after another one in the future.  There will be no more blaming the controllers in my household, that’s for sure."

Owen S. of CO  (Owens third Best feed back comment)   "Both the Jaguar and 7800 games look and sound great!Owen bought a New in the box Atari Jaguar console and a Best Electronics Reconditioned / Upgraded 7800 with Composite Video out and 7800 Euro Operating System Modification.  "I am very happy with both systems, all the games and for opting to go with the CX-34 joysticks as recommended; they feel unlike any other joystick I've ever used: quite responsive and precise and a bit more comfortable and easier to hold than the CX-40s.  Heresy (not) I say!  : ) I am very glad to have the CX-34s over CX-24s. Thank you again for your time and help."     

 Keith C. of TX  "Hello Best Electronics, I am sending this message to say how unbelievably happy I am with my purchase from you. The 5200 controller is simply amazing!!!"  Bests Reconditioned / Upgraded Gold Dot CX52 Joystick with the New 2nd Gen. Tactical Fire buttons.  "It is immaculate and plays flawlessly! The 7800 controller is awesome!"  Atari CX78 Joypad  "No more arthritis pain from the dreaded ProLine(PainLine) controllers.)" CX24 Atari Joystick "Had a lot of fun with Mario Bros. Thank You Best Electronics! You made my day with these controllers and a happy gamer! You got yourselves a future customer! BTW you told me I would get my order by this Friday. And I got it today on Monday!?!?!? Lightning fast!! Thanks for everything!!! You guys are simply THE BEST!!! I will recommend all my retro gaming friends to you! THANKS A MILLION GUYS!!! A+++++++++++++++:-)" 

Benjamin H. of TX  Benjamin got one of Best Atari new Jaguar Power pad and adapter cable to other Atari systems Combo special. "For anybody who prefers a joypad style controller for playing Atari, it really doesn't get any better than the slick and ergonomic Atari Jaguar controller pad from the 1990's. I haven't played a Jaguar since 1998, so I had completely forgot how comfortable the Atari Jaguar pad feels in adult hands. The pad moves extremely smoothly and the buttons offer a nice solid feel. I was able to achieve much higher scores on Pitfall II and Keystone Kapers using the Jag pad, and it feels as solid and as comfortable as it always did back in the 90's. Awesome build quality on the adapter cable as well, so glad to be able to use a great joypad-style controller for when a particular Atari game calls for it!"

The Atari CX77 Touch Tablet is an Art and Graphics Controller that is plugged into a Joystick port and designed for use with the Atari 8 bit Computers (400, 800, 600XL, 800XL,1200XL, 65XE, 130XE and XE Game machine).  You can Draw or Trace pictures with the CX77 Stylus, a pen or even your finger.  You have your choice of 8 brush widths with 128 Computer Generated Colors with 8 brightness levels.  Create Automatic Circles, Squares, Discs, Boxes, draw perfect Circles, Squares, Rays and Straight lines, draw a series of Connected Straight lines, Mirror Images, Fill objects, Erase objects, Magnify to eight times normal size any portion of your Atari Touch Tablet Drawings.  Pictures drawn on your Atari CX77 Touch Tablet can be saved to an Atari Cassette or Atari 810, 1050 or XF551 Disk Drive.  You can also load The Popular Micro Illustrator Program drawn Pictures on the CX77 Touch.

  Old Atari 8 Bit Owners will remember the early Kola Drawing Pad with the smaller drawing surface.  The Atari CX77 Touch Tablet was Atari's Answer to the Kola Pad a couple of years latter with many New Improvements over the original Kola Drawing Pad.  The only draw back with the Atari CX77 was when they were released 10 to 15 years ago, they were always in short supply in the US.  Many Atari 8 bit uses never saw one or only saw pictures of them only.   We found these Rare New Atari CX77 Touch Tablets in an Atari Warehouse in Holland.  The labels on the Pallets of them, said they came from the Atari Warehouse in Italy!!  Best Electronics spent the time and money and re-imported then back into our US Warehouse from Holland.  The Atari CX77 Touch Tablet comes with Drawing pad surface Protective Mylar cover sheet (Spare Protective covers are available from Best), Stylus Pen, AtariArtisit Cartridge and 21 Page Owners Manuals.



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