This is a short list of just some of the more popular Atari ST Monitors we carry.  For a complete list of the hundreds and hundreds of Atari ST Monitor replacement parts and Atari ST Monitor Field Service manuals we carry, see the Best Electronics Rev. 10 Catalog or E-Mail us at: bestelec@bestelec.digitalspacemail8.netAll Atari Monitors that are Shipped, Picked up or Delivered within the State of California, will include a California State required Electronic Waste Recycling fee.  This fee ranges from $6 to $9 on top of the price of the monitor depending on the Screen size measured Diagonally.


Reconditioned U.S. SM124 Monochrome Monitor With power cord and built in ST video cable  CB102803   Sold Out
Reconditioned U.S. SM147 Monochrome Monitor With power cord and built in ST video cable  CB102803  

Call or


Special Buy From Atari! Factory Reconditioned Goldstar U.S. SC1224 Color Monitor with 110 Volt Power cord, Owners Manual and 13 pin Video Cable for use with 520ST/ 520STFM/ 1040ST/ 1040STE/ Mega2-4/ MegaSTE Atari Computer Systems. CB103015   $159.95
Reconditioned U.S. JVC SC1224 Color Monitor With 110 Volt power cord and 13 pin 6 foot video cable.  Also works with the Roland S760 and S770 samplers CB102805 $289.95
Atari TTM195 19 inch Monochrome Monitor (110 / 220 volt switchable) for the TT series Computers. Includes 4 foot monitor cable, 110 Volt power cord and Owners manual CB102875 $395.00


To see a list of ST Compatible Tube and Flat Panel monitors click here


Best Electronics Custom Made Universal Multi Sync Monitor cable

For Color or Monochrome displays on the same Multi Sync Monitor using this Multi function Custom cable. For use with20ST, 520STFM, 5 1040ST, 1040STE, Mega, Mega STE Atari ST Computers also Falcon Computers with the 19 Pin to 13 Pin Atari video adapter to Multi-Sync Monitors. This 6 foot Multi-Sync cable has a molded 13 pin Atari Custom Male connector molded in on one end, a High Density HD15 Female molded connector on the other end (Some Multi Sync Monitors with a DB-9 input connectors will require a breakout / configurable Gender changer, Contact us for the wiring / pin out information) and a separate single Male 6 foot Coax cable out of the 13 pin end for Audio. Also on the HD15 pin monitor side of this molded Gray cable is a cable with a switch so you can toggle (causes the system to reboot) between Color or Monochrome Multi Sync displays. The Multi Sync Monitor you plan to use on your Atari ST system must be able to accept the following Atari ST series computer range of Video outputs, TTL level Output of 1 Volt Peak to Peak (P-P) Video (R.G.B.) lines and 1 Volt P-P Audio Signal with a Horizontal / Vertical Synchronization and Scan frequency of: 15.75 kHz Horizontal, 60 Hz Vertical for Color display, 35.7 kHz Horizontal , 71.2Hz Vertical for Monochrome display. The Multi Sync Monitor Male HD15 end this Multi Sync cable outputs to the following Multi Sync Monitor HD15 input lines: #1 Red, #2 Green, #3 Blue, #6 -11 Ground, #13 Horizontal Sync, #14 Vertical Sync. You no longer need a bulky multi cable Multi Sync Switch Box, or Multiple cables which you disconnect and connect up every time you want to change resolutions , or those Scary hand assembled Multi Sync monitor cables, Now it is all done in one simple Molded Custom made ST Cable. You now can have the “Best” of both worlds in one Multi Purpose Monitor, which can also be used on other Computer Systems in the future!   Will work on most VGA Interlaced monitors for High Resolution Only and Multi Sync Monitors like the NEC 2 or 3D , Acer 7015 or Princeton Ultra 1400 or Toshiba MM20E45 and others, that accept the above ST level signals for all three Resolutions, Low Color , Medium Color and High Resolution Monochrome. Falcon computers will work with most of the Multi Sync Monitors Brands on the market today! Some ST compatible Multi Sync monitors may require some minor internal adjustments on the horizontal control circuit or require some pull up resistors be added to the RGB lines. Click here for more information and pictures on the New Best 2nd Generation ST Multi Sync adapter cable  CB102582-6 2nd  $54.95


Griffith E. of NY  Griffith ordered Bests 2nd Generation Atari ST Multi Sync adapter cable.  It allows Atari ST owners to get away from the stock Atari made custom (Only works with ST / STE / Mega / MegaSTe computers only) ST Color and ST (12 - 13 inch diagonal displays) Monochrome monitors.  It allows Atari ST owners to use larger diagonal display Multi Sync Tube monitors and much larger and up to State of the Art Flat Panel TV's with a VGA in port.  Some Multi Sync tube monitors and most Flat Panel TV's require an additional Sync box to get the Low and Medium ST Color displays.  "I just got the ST VGA cable, thank you so much for the fast shipping and the excellent cable, I cannot stress how much of an improvement it is over my last generic cable, 110% better!  Thank you!!!!"


Jason M. of WA   Jason dug out his old Atari ST computer system he put away a few years ago.  He had a non working Atari SC1224 color monitor and a working SM24 monochrome monitors.  Both with (back then large 12 - 13 inch display screens) tiny display screens now.  Jason wanted to try Best 2nd Gen. ST Multi Sync adapter cable, to go to larger Flat screen displays / TVs he had.  "Thank you for the cable.   I finally had time to test it yesterday.  It works swell, both color and monochrome modes."


Joe B. of CA.  On Joe's second or third order to Best in a row, contacted Best via E-Mail.  He said he was considering upgrading his small ST display to a larger one.  He asked Best if the NEC Multisync 1970VX 19 inch color Flat panel display was compatiable with the Atari ST Computers.  Best told Joe, that the NEC Multisync 1970VX display was on our two large lists of (plug and play) Compatiable ST monitors.  So Joe ordered one of Bests 2nd Generation Multi Sync adapter cables.  "Surprisingly I got the shipment Friday...super fast since you mailed it Thursday night. The ST cable to the Multisync works great and I'm very happy I finally made the investment to get a good monitor"


Ben G. of WI   Ben ordered one of Bests 2nd Generation Atari ST computer Multi Sync adapter cables.  "I received my MultiSync cable today and it works wonderfully!  Thanks for the super fast shipment!"


Kimmo P. of Sweden  Kimmo contacted Best, a couple of E-Mails back and forth.  He placed on Atari order for one of Bests Custom made 2nd Generation ST Multi Sync adapter cables, a HD 15 gender change for the Best cable, 1 each Best Atari Hong Kong, and Taiwan made STM1 Mouse rebuild kits.  "Thank you very much! I received the products yesterday. Excellent quality!

But I found another LCD TV that does work in all three resolutions and it is not listed in table of supported monitors on your site. You may want to add it. I have not found the supported horiz. and vertical frequency range in the documentation, but the model is Denver DFT-1904. It has a 19" inch widescreen display. The display cannot be rescaled to 4:3 in PC mode, but it autoscales the picture in a nice way so low res. looks fine anyway."


Francois H. of Canada  Francois purchased Best's ST Multi Sync adapter cable for his ST computer.  After he received it E-Mailed Best again, he was considering getting his old bad Atari SC1224 ST Color monitor fixed as a back up and asked for some information.  Best E-Mailed him back with some information on getting his SC1224 monitor repaired in Canada.  "Thanks for your help, I think for now I will then stick with the multi sync adapter and Ambry scaler box. Works very well on my old Dell LCD monitor."


Lisa  C. of Australia  This is Lisa's 4th feedback comment to Best.  Lisa purchased a reconditioned Atari 1040STE and had it upgraded to 4 meg of memory from Best Electronics about 3 to 4 years ago to replace her ST Midi computer that died.  Her latest Atari order was for one of Best's 2nd Gen. ST multi Sync Adapter cables.  "I have been meaning to thank you for the cable.  It works extremely well and the screen is so much bigger.  Thank you for your wonderful customer service"


Raymond K. of NY   Raymond placed an Atari order for one of Bests 2nd Generation ST Multi Sync monitor adapter cables.  His Atari order was shipped on a Friday and he received it on Monday.  "thank Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable  works great so well made. fast shipping too. thank again"


Jan J. of Sweden  "Now I have tried the Cable" Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable "together with my Atari Mega4 + Megafile 30.  Works great ! and what a big screen !  Now I can start to make music again with Notator."


Alex O. of France  Purchased a Reconditioned Atari Stacy 4 and the Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable.  "Everything is working nicely and I was even able to use a cheap 32" LCD TV  for B&W with the cable and the needed HD15 gender changer.  I follow your advice ( turn off the Stacy LCD display ) and use the Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable for an external Stacy mono chrome display.  The external display is better and even excellent with brightness off for the Stacy screen anyway"


John D. of CA  "I hooked the Mega 2 to a 21 inch Superscan Pro 21 Hitachi monitor and Hi Rez works great.  I never thought I would see a Atari screen on a 21 Inch Monitor.  Neat cable"


Bill D. of NJ  "I received your cable today."  One of Bests ST Multi Sync adapter cable to Multi Sync Tube and LCD Monitors, to replace the standard Atari made ST Monitors   "I'm very excited for a few reasons, but first I wanted to thank you very much for your speedy ordering and delivery process.  But I'm doubly excited, because when I connected this to my Coby LCD TV-TF1514 color TV with VGA inputs, it appears it can natively handle ALL the ST resolutions WITHOUT a converter box!  I just plugged the cable in, and figured I could at least test the monochrome part of it, since I know that is basically at the same scan rate as VGA, but to my surprise, I saw color in ST Medium mode, rather than monochrome ST High mode. I tested all three resolutions and they all work!"


Gilbert H. of Belgium  "Just got hands on the adapter cable,"  Best ST Multi Sync / LCD monitor adapter cable  "it works great with a compatible monitor !"


Mark W. of the UK    "Thanks very much for the cable, it works a charm."  Best ST Multi Sync Adapter cable.  Follow up question:   Do you have a similar cable, but with audio break out?

Answer:  Already built into the Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable.

Follow up Comment:  "It was great before I realized it had built in audio out. Now I'm over the moon."


Mark G. of Australia   "I've received the Ambery device today and just wanted to send through some feedback that coupled with Best Monitor Cable,"  Best ST Multi Sync adapter cable "it's a fantastic setup.  The picture is crystal clear and if you set the medium rez mode to widescreen it looks much better than on a original monitor!"

Click here to see a list of over 100+ Multi Sync Monitors that will work with the Best Multi Sync ST monitor adapter cable.

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