Atari Modems and Peripherals

Atari XM301 300 Baud U.S. Direct Connect Modem Features: Xmodem Send and Receive Protocol, You can capture and upload Text, capture text to printer, Recognizes A-Protocol (CompuServe), Touch Tone or Pulse Dialing, Auto Answer Auto Dial capability (from keyboard), Automatically installs a Ram Disk when used with Atari 130XE computers. Includes XE Term Disk Software with 50 page manual, CompuServe 44 page Intro Pack. Does not require an external power supply so it will work on all World wide phone systems that are Bell Data-Transmission Standard 103 compatible. A great inexpensive Modem for the 1st Time Modem User or for ST / P.C. Owners who want to transfer Text and Data files to another computer trouble free!!  XM301  $49.95 Very Special Buy!  $19.95

The Unreleased “Atari SX Express” Modem / Terminal Emulator Program for the Atari SX212 Modem with Atari 3 foot SIO cable. SX Express by Keith Ledbetter is a communications program you can use to communicate with Bulletin Boards, Information Services, and other modem users using the Xmodem Protocol for Error free 300 / 1200 baud transfers. SX Express offers a variety of Dialing and Data transfer Options for making the most of your On-Line Time. SX Express will let you create phone lists and automatically dial from your Atari 8 bit computer Keyboard. SX Express Program Disk files, AUTORUN.SYS, 2.5 DOS.SYS and DUP.SYS, RAMDISK.COM (automatically sets up a 64K Ram Disk on 130XEs), HANDLER.OBJ and HANDLER. DOC with 3 foot Atari SIO cable included, 54 page User’s Manual (D). CB102016   $25.00
Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE CX87 Modem cable (DB-9M to DB-25M)For above SX212 modem (for use with 850 interface or ICD PR connection to RS232 Modem)     CA015900-03 $15.00
ICD PR Connection Interface The PR Connection interface with SIO cable, plugs into any Atari 8-Bit SIO (13 pin) port and gives you one standard Centronics Parallel Printer port (DB-15F) for standard (NON Atari brand) Parallel printers and two RS-232 type serial ports (DB-9F) for Modems and Serial printers. The PR Connection is a flexible alternative to the Atari 850 interface and is 98% compatible with the Atari 850 interface. Requires optional Printer (CB101279) and / or Serial / Modem (CA015900-03) cables. Limited Supply!! PR Connection    CB101224 $129.95

New in the Atari Factory box!  Atari 850 Interface for Parallel (1 port) and Serial (4 ports) printers and modems with U.S. 110 Volt power supply, 3 Foot I/O cord, Owners Manual.




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