Atari Lynx Game Cartridges as of 06-23-24

Limited supply on all Lynx titles, some titles only one is in stock, sold on a first come first serve basis! We Suggest when placing orders for Lynx Games, you always have a 2nd and 3rd choice of the same dollar value Lynx cartridge listed, in case your 1st choice has sold out. This allows us to process your order Faster and Not have to issue Credits, Refunds or try to contact you by phone or mail.

Atari Titles, Boxed (1 - 2) = ComLink Lynx Game and the Number of Players / Lynx's

Basketbrawl (1-2), Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure (1-2), California Games (1-2) No box with instructions, Chips Challenge, Gates of Zendocon, Hydra, Ishido, Klax, Kung Food, RoboSquash (1-2), Shanghai (1-2), Super Skweek,  S.T.U.N. Runner, Tournament Cyberball (1-4)  $14.95 ea.

A.P.B., Baseball Heroes (1-2), Crystal Mines II, Dirty Larry Renegade Cop, Gordo 106, Jimmey Connors Tennis (1-4), Malibu Beach Volleyball (1-4), Paperboy, Pit Fighter (1-2), Power Factor, Road Blasters, Shadow of the Beast, Switchblade II, Turbo Sub, Viking Child $19.95 ea.

Dracula the Undead, Pinball Jam,  Xybots (1-2)  $28.50 ea.

Awesome Golf (1-4), Slime World (1-8), Scrapyard Dog, Toki  $29 ea

Dinolympics, Electrocop, Hockey (1-2), Othello, Qix, Rampart (1-2), Rygar, Zarlor Mercenary (1-4) $39.95 ea.   

Ninja Gaiden III, Rampage  $45.95


European Soccer(1-2), Battlewheels (1-6), Batman Returns, Blue Lightning, Gauntlet (1-4), Joust (1-2), NFL Football (1-2), Pacland, Ultimate Chess, World Class Fussball / Soccer (1-2)  $99.95 ea.


Battlezone 2000 (1-4), Ms. Pac-Man, Super Asteroids / Missile Command combo 2 Lynx games on one cartridge $125.00 ea.


Dinolympics for the Atari Lynx System NEW SEALED.  14 days money back or item exchange, you pay return shipping  Current 29 day E-Bay auction as of 08-29-14.  Buy it now for $79.90 plus $3.99 shipping

Bests New in the Shrunk wrapped box Atari Lynx Dinolympics with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $39.95 plus Max. US shipping $8.45

Atari Special Buy!

Lynx Packout (term used in the Atari Lynx Warehouse) Games Special (Lynx Games with Lynx game Owners Manuals or Lynx Posters with Instructions).  No Lynx game box, New Atari Lynx games that were to be bundled (put inside a New Lynx console box) with Atari Lynx console package deals (like a new Lynx with 4 games).

Basketbrawl, Hydra, Kung Food,  Stun Runner $12 ea.

California Games $14.95

Pit Fighter, Rampart, Steel Talons $16 ea.

Batman Returns, Ninja Gaiden, NFL Football $45.00

Atari Titles (Loose, No Instructions)

Basketbrawl (1-2), Chips Challenge, California Games (1-2), Gates of Zendocon, Hydra, Ishido, Klax, Kung Food, Pinball Jam,  Rampart (1-2), Rob-Squash (1-2), Shanghai (1-2), S.T.U.N. Runner, Super Skweek, Tournament Cyberball (1-4)  $9.95 ea.

A.P. B., Baseball Heroes, Dracula the Undead, Electrocop, Crystal Mines II, Dirty Larry Renegade Cop, Hard Driven, Hockey (1-2), Paperboy, Pit Fighter (1-2), Qix, Road Blasters, Robotron 2084, Scrapyard Dog, Shadow of the Beast, Slime World (1-8), Steel Talons, Switchblade II, Turbo Sub, Viking Child $14.95 ea.

Blockout, Zarlor Mercenary (1-4) $19.95

Awesome Golf, Batman Returns, Ninja Gaiden, Toki  $24.95 ea.

NFL Football, Joust  $39.95 ea.

Martin S. of Ireland.  Originally Martin contacted Best in August 2020 for some Atari Lynx II parts he wanted to rebuild his Lynx with.  At that time because of the World Wide COVID 19 virus, Best recommend to Martin to hold off placing an Atari order with Best.  At that time a lot of International Countries we have shipped to in the past, most of the Postal Systems had shut down or International Atari shipments were taking months and months to be delivered.  Compared to the normal International shipping times that averaged a could of weeks to a month.  On January 19, 2021 Martin placed his Atari Lynx II parts order.  "Thanks SO MUCH for sticking with me through all my questions and queries.  You have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and you're an example of how online stores should be run.  Stay safe, and thanks again."


Steven  R. of NC.  Steven ordered Best's Lynx II internal Upgrade speaker and two New loose Atari Lynx game carts.  "I received my order today. Two games and a speaker for my Lynx II. The games are perfect, and the speaker looks perfect.  Thank you so much for the easy ordering process, the quick shipping, and the great products. And thanks also for the stack of articles you included in the box. It will be fun to read those."

Barbara M. of PA "I just want to give you a note of thanks for so quickly processing my order and getting it shipped to me.  Everything was perfect and I am definitely ordering from Best again in the very near future!  I am coming to Best from now on with all my Lynx needs!"

Atari Unreleased Prototype Lynx Games! (Loose / No Instructions) Dragnet (Dragnet film Rap Sound Demo with Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd singing, small non functioning display window) $19,  Loopz (10 Game Levels, 3 Back Ground Tunes, 3 Game Types) - Tetris Building Block type of Lynx game but on a flat playing field $25.95 ea. Alien Vs Predator from the movie,  Deamon's Gate you go thru a Village (top looking down view) collecting items type of game,  Lode Runner  You are a tiny stick man Lode Runner Commando and you must get thru many subterranean levels.,  Marlboro Man - You are a dirt bike racer speeding down a very simple Dirt Track with some obstacles in your way.  Shows Marlboro Logo and Plays the Marlboro theme song on boot up!,   Pounce the Loc Ness Dragon.  On boot screen pays some Scottish Music.  To get to the playfield you can climb the tree on the right side of the second screen or the easier way is to go to the far left side of the screen and drop onto the X Y tilt table playfield with holes and guide side walls.  As Pounce drops on to the playfield he turns into a spinning marble and your job is to guide him around the X Y tilt Playfield avoiding the playfield holes.  Fat Bobby with his Guitar Road Riot (Like the Atari Arcade Game) Lynx Race Game with Cannon equipped Dune Buggies, Full Atari Centipede game with No Sound $39.95 ea.

Used LOOPZ Atari Lynx VERY RARE PCB Original Prototype Hand Made Software Ltd LOOPZ (originally purchased New from Best Electronics)  No returns or exchanges  Current 7 day E-Bay auction as of 12-10-13.  Starting bid at $149.99 with free shipping

New Best Lynx Loopz Prototype game with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $25.95 plus max. US shipping $5.80


Used Road Riot 4WD Atari Lynx Very RARE PCB Original Prototype.  (originally purchased New from Best Electronics)  No returns or exchanges  Current 8 day E-Bay auction as of 12-08-13.  Starting bid at $99.99 with free shipping   

New Best Lynx Road Riot Prototype game with normal 90 day Atari Warranty.  $39.95 plus max. US shipping $5.80

Atari Lynx I + II Games Hints.

This Atari Lynx Document cover 31 Different Atari Lynx Games with Atari "Inside" Information (some never released to the public before) from the Designers and Programmers of the Atari Lynx Games themselves.  Just some of the information covered in this Document: Hints, Tips, Cheats, Gifts, Maps and Level Codes.  All of the Atari Lynx Games listed below have at least one, some have several of the different information sections covered per Lynx Game Title.  As an added Bonus included with the Lynx Document, Lynx General Questions and Answers section and Atari Lynx Specifications!  Did you know that Atari Lynx Batman Returns has an Invincible Mode?, or there is a way you can get 10 extra lives in Pacland.  Playing Roadblasters there is a way you can see a Digitized picture of the Programmers who programmed Roadblasters!  In Todd's Adventures in Slime World there is an Unannounced Secret Level!  This and Many more Tips, Tricks and Hints makes this Lynx Document something that Every Atari Lynx Owner will need.  For the new Atari Lynx I or II Owner, it will add a whole new Dimensions to your Atari Lynx Games.  Atari Lynx Games covered in this Document: APB, Batman Returns, Shadow of the Beast, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Blue Lightning, California Games, Checkered Flag, Chips Challenge, Crystal Mines II, Dracula The Undead, Electro Cop, Awesome Golf, Ms Pacman, PacLand, Qix, Rampage, Road Blasters, Rygar, Scrapyard Dog, Shanghai, Todd's Adventures in Slime World, Super Skweek, Steel Talons, S.T.U.N. Runner, Toki, Viking Child, Warbirds, Xenophobe, Zarlor Mercenary and Gates of Zendocon.  34 pages   CB102915 $15

Lynx I + II Game Cartridge Owners Manual or Owners Manual-Poster only.  All Owners Manuals are in English, some also contain French and Spanish versions.   Awesome Golf, Batman Returns, Basketbrawal, Bill + Teds, Block Out, Blue Lighting, California Games, Casino, Checkered Flag, Chips Challenge, Cyberball, Dracula, Electrocop, Gates of Zendocon, Gauntlet, Hard Driven, Hockey, Hydra, Ishido, Klax, Ninja Gaiden, NFL Football, Pacland, PaperBoy, Pitfighter, Pinball Jam, Rampage, Rampage, Road Blasters, Robo Squash, Robotron 2084, Rygar, Scrapyard Dog, Shanghai, Turbo Sub, Steal Talons, Slime World, S.T.U.N. Runner, Switchblade II, Super Skweek, Toki, Viking Child, World Class Fussball/Soccer and Xybots.  (The above Software Titles are Trademarks, or Registered Trademarks of their respective companies.)  CB102660-XXXXXXXXX  $3.00 - $12.00 ea.    Example:  CB102660-MS. Pacman

Xenophobe, Zarlor Mercenary CB102660-XXXXXXX $14.00 - $18.00 ea.

Atari Japan Lynx I / II Diagnostic Cartridge.  Runs the following Atari Lynx Tests: System, LCD, Joypad / Function buttons, Speaker, Stereo (Mono test on Lynx I consoles) and ComLynx.  CB102917 $45.95

Best Dead Lynx I and II Lynx Atari Tech Tip:  On both Atari Lynx I and II consoles both the Internal (AAA batteries) power and external Power supply port / go thru the internal Right Angle miniature power jack.  So if this internal mini Lynx power jack (with it 3 very very thin / small metal legs) is damaged (usually caused by side to side motion with the external Lynx power supply installed) your Atari Lynx will go completely dead.  So if you have a dead Lynx and want to try to revive it, you should solder in a new replacement Right Angle Lynx Power Jack first.  It could be a very inexpensive fix for a dead Atari Lynx.

Best Atari Lynx I and II  Tech Tip for a newly Installed Lynx Power Jack.  After you solder in a new right angle power jack and your newly repaired Atari Lynx is working again, put a couple of drops of soft Hot Melt glue on either side toward the front of the right angle power jack.  This will prevent the newly installed Lynx Power Jack from flexing side and side compared to a stock Atari Lynx.  We do not recommend you using any stronger Super Glue or epoxies to hold down the newly installed Lynx Right Angle Power Jack.   We have tried these stronger adhesives and found that when the Lynx Power Jack failed, it usually took out (pulled off) other Lynx Components around the Lynx Power Jack or in some cases it damaged and took out a chunk of the Lynx PCB under and around the newly installed Lynx Power Jack.

Best Lynx I Lynx Atari Tech Tip:  The Atari Lynx I uses a 1st generation Right Angle Mini Power Jack for the external Lynx Power supply input.  We have found over the years on Used and many times on New Atari Lynx I's, that this Internal Right angle Mini Lynx Power Jack does not make proper contact with the Atari Lynx External D cell Battery pack, 110V or 220V Lynx external Power supplies.  You can accidently shut down / turn off your Atari Lynx I by simply moving side to side or up or down or just rotating the external Power cord female connector that is plugged into your Lynx I will it is running.  Our 39+ year Atari Super Tech has come up with a cure for this Lynx I Power Jack problem.  He recommends you install a second Generation (better internal design) Atari Lynx II Right angle Power Jack inside your Lynx I.  He says the Lynx II better / improved Power jack is 100% compatiable with the Lynx I consoles and with the Lynx II Power jack with the longer front rounded nose shape and longer center pin on the Mini Right Angle connector body is now held / locked between the top and bottom case half's of the Lynx I, which helps to prevent damaging it from moving side to side or up and down with the external Lynx external power cord movements.  Note:  there are two different Lynx I top case half's used over the years.  One has a small power jack opening and the other has a large gap / space around the Lynx R/A Power jack.  Once you install the new Lynx II R/A power jack, on the Lynx I top with the large gap / space around the Lynx Power jack nose opening, you might want to add a little soft hot melt glue around the Power jack opening to give better strain relief with the top case, so the R/A Lynx II power jack will not move side to side. The 1st generation OEM Atari Lynx I right angle mini power connector does not have feature (part of the nose of the Mini Lynx Power jack is not held /  locked between the top and bottom case half's), it is one of the main reasons why the Lynx I right angle power jacks get damaged so easily.

Atari Lynx I Right Angle custom power jack.  CB101842   $2.00

Atari Lynx II Right Angle custom power jack.  CB102242  $3.00

Atari Lynx II New OEM replacement glass LCD assembly.  CB102321 $20.00


Bests New Lynx II upgrade Internal Speaker with sample sound bytes comparing a going bad Lynx II speaker, New Lynx II speaker and used Lynx II upgraded with a Best Lynx II upgrade speaker.


Steve K. of Canada   Steve wanted to rebuild his Atari Lynx II console.  He ordered a New Atari OEM Lynx II Flex circuit and new mating silicon pad set and a few new Lynx lose games.  "Just to let you know, the package arrived safely toward the end of last week. I've installed the new flex circuit and pads and everything is working well. I'm amazed that it's still possible to buy brand-new, OEM Atari parts in 2020. It feels like a miracle. Thanks for helping keep this hobby alive."


Robin R. of Germany.  Robin contacted Best because he was rebuilding / upgrading a couple of Atari Lynx II's he owned.  He bought Bests New Atari Lynx II internal Flex circuits, mating Lynx II New Silicon pad set, New Lynx II rubber grips and a Best Lynx II upgrade speaker.  "Thank you so much for your very good service! I became the parts and already got my Lynx working again like it is a new one. (Also built in a BennVenn Display now...) But until then I wish you all the best and thank you again for doing your business so great. I am sure I will order again and will recommend your shop to all Atari lovers.   Best Regards from Germany.  Your satisfied customer."


Taro K. of Japan  Taro purchased from Best, a reconditioned Atari Lynx II upgraded with Bests exclusive Lynx II upgrade speaker, a replacement Lynx II replacement snap in clear window (for an old Lynx II he had), a new loose Atari Lynx Klax game and the Best Rev. 10 all Atari Catalog.   "I received the products today.  Thanks for the fast shipping.  I really love them! I was impressed by the condition of the Lynx2.  It's like a new one.  I really love the sound of upgraded Lynx2 speaker. The catalog is amazing. I'm a very happy customer."   We have told by Atari users in Japan, because of the very very high Japanese incoming Customs and other fees, a typical Atari shipment to Japan can almost double in cost to the Atari end user.


Sam C. of TX  By Sam's very very low Best Customer number, we can tell he has been a Best Atari Customer for over 20 to 25+ years now!  Sam ordered one of Best's reconditioned Lynx II console and had Best install the Best Lynx II upgrade speaker.  "Just a short note to thank you for the terrific repeat experience I had with BestE.  I inquired about an item on Wed, got your quote and then paid on Thurs. and, BOOM, got my purchase on Sat.  Magnificent!  Many, many thanks of appreciation."


Gary F. of CA Gary is an old Atari Lynx II owner.  He decided to order one of Best Reconditioned Atari Lynx II consoles with the new Best Lynx II Upgrade speaker already installed.  "Thanks a lot! I got it today. I thought the speaker wasn't already installed." Best had given Gary the Atari Lynx II OEM speaker we had just removed and replaced with the Best better Lynx II upgrade speaker in his Atari order.  "But I noticed the speaker was in there, wow, the sound is way louder and more crisp.  Thanks again, and I liked all the extra papers with the interviews and extras from the catalog."


Jerry S. of CA  Jerry purchased two sets of new Lynx II replacement rubber grips and 5 of the new Best Lynx II internal upgrade speakers.  "Thanks for the fast shipping ! I was not expecting the shipment till during the week. The speakers sound better then new originals and I wasn't expecting oem grips. I'm looking forward to the next order.


Steve P. of the UK  Steve contacted Best Electronics looking for the impossible to find Atari Lynx II internal Flex circuit.  Best sent Steve a New Atari Lynx II internal flex circuit, a new Lynx II Internal Silicon pad set (Best recommended to Steve that he also get the a new Lynx II internal Silicon pad set (other half of the mechanical switch) to get the Max. life out of his Lynx II rebuild), one of Best New Lynx II upgrade internal speakers and a new CX40 rubber boot  "A great big thank you to Best Electronics, I have just finished upgrading the Lynx, powered on and everything working perfect, my next job is the joystick. I cannot thank you guys enough and would recommend you to anybody, keep up the good work and thanks for keeping the Atari flag flying.  Steve (one happy customer)"


Randy P. of CA   Randy contacted Best and said  "I’ve missed my old Atari Lynx for many yearsIn browsing your site i was very pleased to see your huge selection of Lynx products."  He ordered one of Bests 1st Generation Japan made New in the box Atari Lynx I combo packages with new Lynx games.  Upon receiving it he said  "I am really excited to start playing this. Thank you for the awesome customer service despite you guys being slammed (7 days a week, 14 to 16+ hour days here). Take care."


Wesley R. of KY  Wesley ordered one of Bests very very rare New in the box, 1st Generation Japan made Atari Lynx I combo (includes New Lynx I with US Power supply, California game, Comlink cable and 4 other new Atari Lynx games with normal Atari 90 day Warranty) packages.  "I received the package today. All I can say is, WOW! I am in love with my new Lynx! I will definitely be buying some more items from Best Electronics soon."

Follow up Comment:  "I will be reaching out to you again here soon to order some Atari ST and Lynx items. Pleasure doing business with Best Electronics."


Homer M. of IL   Homer ordered one of Bests New in the box Atari Lynx I consoles.  Before his 1st Parcel Post Atari Lynx order arrived, he placed a second Atari order for another New in the box Atari Lynx game.  "I just wanted you to know both my orders arrived yesterday--for the Lynx 1 in the box with Qix and the Pouch, and the other order for Zarlor Mercenary. I'm a very happy customer."                                                                    


Reconditioned Lynx II no box, with Above (3) Accessories $226.95 and 4 Pack Out Games, see above (Your Choice of any $12 - $16 Pack out Games above) $246.95

Upgrade a Best Reconditioned Lynx II with Bests New Lynx II Upgrade internal Speaker for U$D 15.00

Reconditioned Atari Lynx I and II Console Specials!

(Better than an E-Bay Unknown Status Lynx console with no Warranty)

Perfect for an Atari Lynx owner that needs a replacement Lynx for one that died, a back up Lynx or to share one with a Friend.   Why buy a used one on E-Bay for more money?  One of the more common comments we get from Lynx owners, is I bought a used Atari Lynx on E-Bay, it worked for about a week or month and died.  The E-Bay Seller will do nothing about it. 

All our Atari Lynx I and II consoles have been Reconditioned by Best Electronics (the Lynx Parts experts) and have been Burned in and Tested using the Atari factory service center Lynx Diagnostic Cartridge. Some may have minor scratches on the outside case or missing a label and some could pass for New! All have a 90 Day Warranty!!

Lynx I or Lynx II Reconditioned Console, (No Box, No Owners Manual, No Power Supply) with FREE Lynx California Game Cartridge With the Normal Atari 90 day Warranty.  $198.95

Upgrade a Best Reconditioned Lynx II with Bests New Lynx II Upgrade internal Speaker for U$D 15.00

Sample sound bytes comparing a going bad Lynx II speaker, New Lynx II speaker and used Lynx II upgraded with a Best Lynx II upgrade speaker.


Christopher D. of Canada   Christopher purchased a Best Recondtioned Atari Lynx II combo package.  He also opted to have the Best Lynx II upgrade speaker installed on the Atari Lynx II console.  This is Christopher's second feed back comment to Best.   "I just wanted to confirm that my Atari Lynx II combo pack arrived today, and the console is in fantastic condition. I appreciate the  additional literature on Best Electronics as well. I'll definitely be back for more soon."

Follow up Comment:  "I've just purchased an Atari Jaguar from my local game store, so I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again soon!"


James S. of Japan  James purchased a Best Reconditioned Atari Lynx I, some Lynx games and Lynx accessories.   "My order arrived this afternoon. Thank you for shipping it so quickly. I was impressed by the condition of the Lynx. It looks like it had never been touched! I am a very satisfied repeat customer."


Giovanni M. of DE  Giovanni is a returning Best Customer.  He wanted to purchase a Best Reconditioned Atari Lynx II console and have it upgraded with the Best Lynx II internal Upgrade speaker.  "I've just received my Lynx today and I have to say it's in amazing condition. Finding an Atari Lynx in this condition would be absolutely impossible to find on an auction site.  Everything about it is just fantastic. I'll be sure to take good care of it. You guys are absolutely the BEST!"                

Scott N. of TX  "Much to my surprise, the Lynx 1 arrived today thanks to some very fast shipping.  The system is in excellent shape and still working perfectly, so it survived the trip.  The quality of the system is excellent, I am going to enjoy buying more games for my barely used Lynx 1.  Thanks again for the help and great service!  This brings back some nostalgic memories from 1990 for me"

Ben L. of GA  "I finally placed my Lynx order for a refurbished system, battery pack and large carrying case, along with a replacement 7800 power supply and, what the heck, some joystick rebuild kits for the Atari 2600.  When the package arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised.  First off, the box itself was covered in Atari packing tape, which was a really nice touch.  I’m happy to say the refurbished Lynx came in ‘like new’ condition and screen looks fantastic.  The large Lynx carrying case was new in the box and the NiCad battery pack works great.  All in all, opening the package brought a smile to my face."  "The Best Electronics website may be a little retro compared to contemporary eCommerce sites, but I have to say, Bradley is great with helping you with your order via email.  If you are in the market for some old Atari items, or even new items, I highly recommend browsing the Best website.  They really cater to the Atari fan"




Lynx Accessories / Parts:

Lynx I or II US External Power Supply  $18.95

Lynx I or II Universal Auto / Cigarette adapter

for use with 2 Lynx consoles at the same time $22.95  (no box)

Lynx I or II Extra Battery Pack (6 D Cells) $9.95

Lynx II Battery Door $6.95

Lynx II Carry Pouch Special no box $22.95

Lynx II boxed Carry Pouch $29.95                 

Lynx II Sun Screen $7.95

Lynx II New OEM internal Flex circuit $18.95

Lynx II New OEM internal Silicon 3 pad set (Joypad, top A/B and bottom A/B pads) For max Lynx II rebuild life, sold only with the above new Flex circuit (matched set) $5.00

Lynx I or II Large Carrying case $79.95

Lynx I or II ComLynx Cable $7.95

Lynx I boxed soft small carry pouch PAG-3375 $32.95

Lynx I English Owners Manual $5.00

Lynx II English Owners Manual $5.00

Lynx II Rubber grips (2)  CB102585  $9.95

Bests New Lynx II upgrade Internal Speaker $12.50


Sean R. of WA.  On upon placing his second back to back Atari Lynx order with Best.  "Thank you again.  I'm loving this upgraded Lynx II speaker... it's so loud"

Follow up Comment:  "Had a good laugh about the original speaker being low volume and the new one needing to be turned down.  I would highly recommend anyone wanting to refurbish their Lynx II to add this speaker."


New Atari Lynx Collector Items!

On one of our recent Atari Buying trips, we found a Very rare set of Atari Lynx Game Collector Lapel Pins.  As far as we know Atari Never fully released them in the US, although we did have a hint they might of existed, because we did find 2 of them (Atari Lynx and Atari Lynx APB) among the Thousands and Thousands of Atari Pallets of Goods we bought out of the Atari Warehouses years ago.

Each Atari Lynx Colorful Metal Lapel Pin has a Tie Tack/Clasp type of rear mounting pin. Quantities of each Lynx game type of Collector pin are "VERY Limited" so once "Sold Out" they are Gone for ever!

We are releasing approximately 3 different Atari Lynx Collector Pins each month with a couple of Big Surprises added some months. First come, first serve.

Cost for each Lynx Collector Game Collector pin is $10 ea.  (unless noted).  Minimum buy of two different Lynx pins at one time (or among the different months releases), Limit of 1 each type/game Lynx Pin per Atari Collector.  

Also see Lynx APB Collector pin in the Atari Collectables

November Releases


December Releases


January Releases

Scrapyard Dog Pin $25.95  Found a few more of Lynx NFL Pins $25.95

February Releases



March Releases

Zarlor Pin $25.95  Viking Child Sold Out Stun Runner Pin $25.00


April Releases

Ninja Me $25.95   Hockey Pin $12.00


May Releases    

Warbirds Pin $19.95  California Game Pin $25.95   Vindicators Sold Out


June Releases

Bill & Ted's Pin Sold Out        Turbo Sub $39.95  Last one


July Releases

 APB Lynx Pin $10 (Not shown) Rampage Lynx Pin $25.95

More Atari Lynx Collectors Items!

Atari Blue Lightning Demo cartridge with Gold Blue Lightning Label. Never sold Retail by Atari, but was given out to Large Chain stores to Demo the Lynx I + II units on display! This Atari Demo Cartridge runs a continuous Impressive Blue Lightning Demo! $20

Blu Lightning Cart.jpg (4247 bytes)


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