Your printing on your Atari ST SLM605 Laser printer keeps getting lighter and lighter.  You put in a new Atari SLM605 Drum assembly (or are thinking about it) and the print quality is better, but still light.  Now  you are thinking some thing is wrong with the SLM605 Laser printer itself $$$.  In most cases, it is Not a SLM605 Electrical or Mechanical printer problem.  What we have found working on hundreds of the Atari SLM605 Laser printers is, the SLM605 Toner Hopper is missing (used up) the critical SLM605 Initial Toner (the special Atari supplied Toner that came with the New SLM605 Printer).  This special Initial toner helps disperse the black pigment in the toner onto the hopper transfer bar and should be added each time you install a new SLM605 replacement Drum or use X amount of standard SLM605 Toner cartridges.  Without the proper amount of this Initial toner in the Atari SLM605 toner Hopper, all of your Atari SLM605 print outs will get lighter and lighter.

The Best Tech tip is to buy an Atari SLM804 Initial Toner Cartridge (LPS-005IT) $69.95 (about 45 grams of Atari Initial Toner vs 19 Grams in the Atari SLM605 Initial Toner Cartridge for the same price)  Look on one end of the large SLM804 Initial Toner cartridge and you will see a black label.  Peal off this label just a bit.  Next remove the SLM605 Toner hopper cover and pour out about 2 measured table spoons (a little more if your print outs are VERY VERY light) of this SLM804 Initial Toner into your SLM605 toner Hopper spreading it  side to side, across the exposed standard SLM605 toner.  Replace the SLM605 hopper toner cover, turn down the Darkness adjusting knob on your SLM605 and print out about 3 to 5 copies off your SLM605 Laser printer.  In most cases you will find that your prints outs will go from light to like new quality Very dark print outs again.  As you use up Standard SLM605 toner cartridges, you will have to repeat the above Best SLM605 Toner Tech Tip every so many Standard SLM605 toner cartridges you use.  You may Now find that you can get Double or Triple the life out of your SLM605 Drums.  If you have any Old SLM605 Drums (which have been properly stored away from any light source) you may now want to retest them to see if you can get any more life out of them.

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