,We offer a complete inventory of 8 Bit Atari Disk drive repair parts (down to component level, Switches, I.C. Chips, plastics....).  Not all of the hundreds of Atari Disk Drive parts we carry are listed here.  If you do not see the Atari Disk Drive part or item you are looking for see the Best Rev. 10 Catalog or E-Mail us at: bestelec@bestelec.digitalspacemail8.net 

Atari 8 Bit Disk Drives and SIO Cables



Atari 810 Disk Drive (Reconditioned) Includes New U.S. 110 Volt Power Supply, New Atari US 810 Owners Manual and New Atari 3 foot I/O Cable   A810


Atari 810 New Drop in MPI 5 1/4 Disk Drive Drive transport Mech. (810's with push button opening front door) CA014072 $55.00
Atari 810 Tandon 5 1/4 Disk Drive Mech. Drive belt FC100196 $9.95
Atari 810 MPI 5 1/4 Disk Drive Mech. Drive belt FC100031 $9.95
Atari 810 Tandon New Upgraded / improved front lift door.  Cures the known problem with old Atari 810 Tandon doors with white pivot pins that break close to 100% of the time. FA100467 $7.95
Atari 810 Brown dust cover, fit both versions of 810 Disk drives made CB101139 $9.95
Atari 810 New Sideboard Populated with upgraded plug in Data Separator board and the final version "C" version 810 OS Chip. (no RF Shield) This is a new drop in replacement Atari 810 sideboard for both the Tandon and MPI version Atari 810 Disk Drives.  See Atari 810 Tech Tip below CA014834 $79.95


Pete R. of IL  Pete contacted Best via E-Mail.  He had a second old Atari 810 Disk drive he wanted to get going again.   Several E-Mails back and forth, Atari 810 diagnostic questions asked and answered, things tested, picture received.  "IT WORKS!  Best has been the BEST site for Atari products I have seen. I had not purchased anything from them previously. I had an 810 disk drive that had the more recent upgrades. My problem was I wanted an original 810 disk drive working. The Stepper motor was not functioning. I contacted Best with my issue and after a few emails, they recommended a replacement side board. It worked Perfectly! They know what they are doing!"


Best Atari 810 Tech Tip:  Atari 810 problems fall into a few different basic reasons / problems.  A dead (no LED or LED's works but no mechanical movement) 810 is usually a bad rear Atari 810 Power board.  It could also be a combo of both a bad rear power board and sideboard problems.  A mechanically working 810 disk drives that have Read (boot errors) or Write (can not format a SSSD 5 1/4 Floppy disk, which is one of the true tests of the health of any Atari 810 or Atari 1050 Disk drive) problems is usually a 810 5 1/4 Disk Drive mech. problem.  But could also be a combination of both a bad 810 disk drive mech. and bad 810 sideboard problems.  Early made Atari 810 Disk drives had two known major problems.  On early production runs of the 810 sideboards, they did not have the 810 Data separator board plug in upgrade daughter board (the WD 1771 disk controller chip plugged directly into the side board).  The second known problem was the single rear 810 power board.   Both were known to cause all kinds of problems with early Atari 810 disk drives and the only way to fix them was to add the 810 Data separator board and install the 810 improved rear power board.  The Atari 810 disk drives without the Data separator board had all kinds of Read and Write 810 Head problems.  The single 810 rear power boards had all kinds of speed problems that seem to change all of the time without making any kind of speed adjustments on the single rear 810 power board.  Both known 810 problems we latter fixed in the Atari 810 production run with a new plug in 810 Data Separator board (which cured most of the 810 Read and Write electronic data problems).  The second Atari 810 Major problem was cured with what is known within Atari Engineering as the Atari 810 Grass Valley board set below (where in California it was designed).  This Atari Engineering Grass Valley 810 new board set cured all of the Atari 810 speed problems.  It consisted of a new redesigned / improved replacement 810 rear power board and a second daughter board (sat over the 810 Disk Drive mech. and was connected to the rear 810 board with a 10 pin wire harness and to the 810 Head wire harness).  The second Grass Valley 810 daughter board helped to separate and boost the Atari 810 disk drive Head signals.  Also the Atari 810 Disk Drives that used the Tandon 5 1/4 internal Disk Drive mechs, had a very high failure rate of the Tandon access front Lift door (like a garage door opening) white pivot pens breaking.  The second Gen. improved Tandon 810 lift door assemblies in stock.

Atari Engineering Grass Valley 810 Analog Rear board upgrade set.  New Rear 810 Analog Rear Power board, New Top Analog R/W board, New 10 Pin Jumper cable, Installation Instructions Upgrades / Replaces the older Atari 810's with Single Power board that 100% Fails.  CB101128 $79.95
Atari Master DOS II Kit CX8104.  Kit includes one Master Diskette II (2.0S), one CO16347 Atari DOS II Reference Manual, one CX8111 Formatted Diskette and one Atari Diskette Holder (3 ring binder type).  CB102440 $22.95
Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS Diskette II only (2.0S).  Will run all on Atari 8 bit computers and Atari Disk Drives.  (D)   CX8104  $10.00
Atari 810 Field Service Manual.  Covers both the Atari 810 Tandon and MPI version Disk Drives.  Also covers 810 pre Analog (single rear 810 Power board) and the newer Analog (3 board set) Rear Power boards.  810 Schematics, 810 parts listing and 810 pcb silk screens.  Has 36 pages of 810 troubling shooting 810 Flow charts with Oscilloscope scope pictures.  240 page Rev. 3 Final 810 Atari Field Service manual produced. FD100003 $30.00
Atari 810  Factory Diagnostic Cartridge.  Interpreter, Sector Editor, 810 / 1050 Cartridge based Disk Drive Mech. RPM Speed test and Seek exerciser.  This is an Atari disk drive Tech's must have tool.  If you do not have one of the old disk based 810 / 1050 speed test programs, this is the only way to easily adjust the Atari 810 or 1050 Disk Drive Mech. critical RPM setting to Atari Factory Spec's.  (C) CB101129 $25.00
Atari 810 Factory Manufacturing Test Cartridge.  810 / 1050 Disk Drive number test (for internal Atari disk drive number slide select switches), Alignment test (requires an Oscilloscope and 5 1/4 Alignment disk), Interchange Test Disk Manufacturing Test (no print out) and 810 Sideboard ROM level check.  (C) CB101130 $24.00
Atari 810 CPS (Atari Consumer Products Service) Field Exerciser Diagnostic Cartridge.  810 Alignment (requires an Oscilloscope and 5 1/4 Alignment Disk and Stepper program), Atari 810 approx. 1 hour and 20 minute Read / Write Burn in Test with Atari print out results.  A must have tool to fully burn in and fully test any repaired Atari 810 Disk Drive.  Requires a preformatted 5 1/4 Disk.  Best recommends you only use the highest grade DSDD 5 /14 disk (Sony or Verbatim brands) for this test.  We have seen new generic SSSD 5 1/4 Floppy Disks wear out during this test and give you false 810 Diagnostic results.  This is Best's Electronics bench mark test with printed out test results for any Repaired, Upgraded or Reconditioned Atari 810 disk drive we have sold for the last 27+ years. FD100006 $24.00
Atari 810 Factory Disk Drive Check Out Diagnostic Cartridge.  810 / 1050 Disk Drive number test, Alignment / Azimuth Test (Requires  Oscilloscope and 5 1/4 Alignment Disk) Speed Test, quick Format Write / Read Test (No print out) and Analog Alignment Test (Requires Oscilloscope and 5 1/4 Alignment Disk). (C) CB103035 $24.00
Dysan 5 1/4 inch SSSD 810 Alignment Disk (D) CB101156 $40.00


Michael W. of CA  Michael contacted Best via E-Mail, because his old Atari 810 disk drive would read and load some Atari disk based games, but refused to properly format Atari floppy disks.  He was think of getting a New Atari 810 sideboard with data separator and a C version (last 810 revision ROM made) 810 upgrade ROM to fix his 810 format problem.  Several 810 diagnostic E-Mails questions back and forth, pictures sent and received.  Best told Michael his Atari 810 already had a 810 sideboard with the 810 data data separator and in most cases that was not his 810 format problem.  We recommend he should get a new upgrade Atari 810 Grass Valley Rear power board and top head card, to replace the old 810 single rear power board with known 810 Speed problems.  "Just wanted to say "thank you!" - the Grass Valley board got my 810 working again - what would I do without your great support and stock / supplies of retro parts!  Thanks again"


Guillermo G. of FL   Guillermo was trying to repair an ailing old Atari 810 Disk drive.  Best sent Guillermo a new drop in replacement 810 complete side board, but it did not seem to get the 810 going again.  Several different E-Mails back and forth, Atari 810 diagnostic questions asked and 810 information back and forth to Guillermo.  "Proceeded to re-seat all the connectors & the unit is working great.  Thank you for all your help & believe me you are a life saver!  Now need to get my A410 fixed!  Can't wait for my next shipment of goodies to arrive! Thank you greatly with this & all the problems that I have had in the past. You have a customer for life! Much appreciated!"  This is Guillermo second customer feed back comment to Best.


Atari 1050 Disk Drive Includes U.S. 50 watt 110 Volt Power Supply, 3 foot / I/O Cable and 1050 US Owners manual with DOS 2.5 Disk.  Each Best Reconditioned Atari 1050 has passed all the Atari Field Service 1050 Diagnostic disk tests including the 3+ hour burn in test.  This Atari burn in test is so long and fully tests all of the Atari 1050 Read / Write functions and heats up up all of the 1050 chips / power circuit.  On an old / marginal / going bad 1050's will fail on this very long test and show up on the final Diagnostic Atari 820 printer print out results.  Best has found over the years this long Atari 1050 3+ hour burn in test, we have to use a very high quality New virgin DSDD disk and only run once on the new high quality disk.  This very long burn test will literally wear out early / 1st Gen. Atari new poor quality SSSD disks and give you false Diagnostic printout results.  Over the years, Best has even had New in the box Atari 1050 disk drives fail his very long burn in test.  For sure this long burn in Atari 1050 burn in Diagnostic test was never preformed on new Atari factory made 1950 Disk Drives during the assembly process, it simply takes to long.  Comes with the Normal 90 day Atari WarrantyNo Atari 1050 box, no foam shells  See above pictures.     

A1050R $245.00
Atari 1050 Disk Drive (Reconditioned, Like New Condition) Only, Less Power Supply, Less I/O Cable and Less Owners manual.     A1050-LS $225.00
Atari 1050 Field Service Manual.  Covers both the Tandon and World Storage versions of the Atari 1050.  67 pages FD100330 $25.00
Atari 1050 CPS (Consumer Products Service) Diagnostic Disk.  Auto test mode Check / Does, MPU / Controller  / Drive Status, Command Test, Write Protect Test, Motor Start Test, Motor Speed Test, Stop / Settle test and Track 00 test.  A must have for any Atari 1050 Disk Drive owner.  FD100690 $20.00
Atari 1050 5 1/4 Tandon Drive Mech. Drive belt (Atari 1050's assembled in Singapore) CB101140 $9.95
Atari 1050 5 1/4 World Storage Drive Mech. Drive belt (Atari 1050's assembled in Hong Kong), Limit 1 CB101149 $12.00
Atari 1050 Owners manual / DOS 2.50 version, no DOS disk 147 pages CO72033 $10.00

Paul J. of Canada  Paul contacted Best via E-Mail.  Several E-Mails back and forth, Atari questions asked and answered.  Paul placed his very 1st Atari order with Best.  "Thanks -  We received the shipment yesterday!  The new drive belt is installed and my 1050 drive works like it was 1985 again.  I am sure it will run for another 35 years!  The new 130xe main board also works perfect.  I can honestly say Best rescued both items from the landfill.  Thanks for helping persevere a little bit of Atari computing history in our home!  I can say with 100% assurance that we will be back for additional purchases.  Best is the best!  Thanks Again!"

Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS Diskette II (2.50) only.  Will run all on Atari 8 bit computers and Atari Disk Drives (No 1 1/2 density mode on 810 disk drives).      DX5075 $15.00
Sam’s Computerfacts English Version Service Manual 1050 Disk Drive. Sections covered: General Operating Instructions, GridTrace Location Guide Main Board, I.C. Pinouts and Terminal Guides, Line Definitions, Logic Chart, Parts List, Photos Chassis - Top View, Photos Main Board, Safety Precautions, Schematics, Schematic Notes, Test Equipment and Troubleshooting. 25 Pages. CB101163     $24.95


New Atari XF551 DSDD disk drive.  Recently we were breaking down one of the thousands of Pallets of Atari goods we got out of the local Sunnyvale Atari warehouses.  In the middle bottom of one pallet we unearthed one hidden large box.  When it got put away about 15+ years ago, this large box simply did not marked what was inside this box.  What we found was 3 New Atari Mexican version Atari XF551 disk drives.  See above 3 pictures.  Near as we can tell, Atari USA sent down either Complete Atari XF551 disk drives or the components (there is a Customs cost saving, using local labor to assemble the disk drive packages in Mexico) to make a Mexican version XF55 Disk drives for the Mexican Atari market.  Our Atari Super tech has gone thru them, removed the Atari Spanish XF551 Manuals, removed the white paper Spanish XF551version label (this Spanish label was pasted over the normal gray English made in Japan XF551 bottom label) and fully Tested each New XF551 disk drive.  Toward the end, it looks like the Mexican Atari warehouse was putting the New XF551 drives in used / recycled white XF551 foam clam shells.  So you will find minor scuff marks, dings, slight discoloration / dust, dirt marks inside and outside of the white XF551 foam clam shells.  When Atari shut down the Mexico warehouse, Atari shipped all of the contents of that Atari Mexico warehouse back to the Sunnyvale CA warehouses.  These New XF551 white boxes were not shrunk wrapped back then, so when they were shipped back by trunk to Atari, the boxes rubbed against each other.  You will find minor dings / scuff / rub marks on the outsides surfaces of the white XF551 boxes, see 2  box views above.  Each New XF551 comes with the English Atari XF551 DOS 2.5 Owners manual, Atari 2.5 DOS disk and a original Atari 810 DOS 2.0S disk, 3 foot Atari SIO cable and Atari US 110V 50 watt Power Supply.  With Normal 90 Day Atari Warranty.  Optional XF551 XE DOS Manual and Atari XE DOS disk $27.95Strict limit of 1 XF551 Disk Drive per Atari customer.   Sold Out XF551MX  
Atari XF551 DSDD disk drive (Reconditioned, Like New Condition) Includes U.S. 110 Volt Power Supply, 3 foot I/O cable and XE DOS / Owners manual.. XF551-R Temp. out of stock
Atari XF551 DSDD disk drive, New Includes U.S. 110 Volt Power Supply, 3 foot I/O cable and Atari XE DOS / XF551 Owners Manual, DOS 2.5 (1050) and DOS 2.0S (810) Master Disks.  No XF551 Box, supplied with new inner white foam shells.  Used XF551 Boxes available. XF551     Temp. out of stock
Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS XE Diskette and XF551 English Owner Manual 135 Page  CB101719 $27.95
Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS XE Diskette only DSDD.   For use with the Atari XF551 Disk Drive, other third party made Atari DSDD disk drives and XL / XE Atari Computers only.  DX5090 $15.00
Atari Master 5 1/4 inch DOS 2.50 Diskette and XF551 English Owner Manual 149 Page  CB102445 $24.00
Atari XF551 DOS 2.50  Owners manual only, no DOS disk. 149 pages CO33537 $10.00


Zolotarev E. of Russia  "Your work is IMPRESSIVE !  Yesterday I got your postage" (Atari order), "but I really wait it a week later. !!! Today I bought step down voltage converter 220V-110V, 60W. And ...All stuff came in saved, working and etc. etc. manner.  Now I checked it and all are WORKING! And ... XF551 is a really ATARI creation... :) Many thanks!  Best wishes from Moscow! RU"  Zolotarev paid over $86 in shipping charges (all Atari shipping is done at cost only for the last 37+ years) to ship his Best Reconditioned Atari XF551 disk drive to Moscow!

You are an Atari 8 bit computer owner and have just about every Atari 400 / 800 / 1200XL / 65XE / 130XE and XE Game system peripheral SIO port plug in product made.  But on both versions of the Atari 410’s / XC11 / XC12 cassette recorders, XM301 / SX212 Modems / Atari Direct connect printer cables, any other Atari peripherals with a single SIO connector in port and any future made Atari peripheral with a single SIO connector in port, so what do you do?   Do you keep removing the Atari SIO products one by one that ends the Atari 8 bit computer SIO Daisy chain just to plug in another Atari product that ends the Atari SIO Daisy chain again.  The perfect solution to this Atari SIO port Daisy chain shortage is the Atari Apelink SIO Breakout product.  It comes in several different versions bare board / kits or fully assembled product.  The bare Apelink bare board and different Apelink Kits are perfect projects for the beginner level Atari person with only basic soldering skills.

Bill L. of  NJ.  Bill had two 8 bit computer products that either one would end the Atari SIO daisy chain.  He wanted to run both products at the same time on his 8 bit Atari computer.  So he ordered the assembled version of the ApeLink 13 Pin SIO splitter / breakout product  "Thank you once again for the quick delivery of the APE-LINK device.  It works perfectly!  I can now hook up my Alien Group Voice Box I as well as my SIO2PC cable, both of which terminate SIO.  I’ll be using it to archive the rare disk images that came with the Alien Group Voice Box I for the ATARI community.  I’ll also be using it at Vintage Computer Festival East 2017 and Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 2017 for my ATARI exhibit."


 The bare Apelink bare PCB board (light green top side (SIO female connector side) and Dark green solder side) can be configured / assembled several different ways.

 1.      Left and right SIO female connectors, with SIO Cable in top of the PCB edge)

2.      Apelink bare board with 3 right angle Atari SIO female connectors.

3.   Two Atari SIO 13 pin connectors, left and right sides, SIO cable in top and SIO cable out on the bottom edge of the ApeLink board.

Now all versions of the Apelink boards, Kits and fully assembled boards are now supplied with a New Best SIO cable wire color code chart that covers the most widely made (5 different manufactures made) 3 ft SIO cables Atari supplied over the years and the wire color differences between the different SIO cable manufactures!

Bare Apelink SIO board with Apelink instruction / information sheet CB101047  $10.00

13 Pin Right Angle Atari I/O Receptacle CO12995 $12.95  Limt 1

13 Pin Right Angle Atari I/O Receptacle, solder pull off New Atari PCB board CO12995-SP $8.95  Limt 1

Bare Apelink SIO board (requires soldering) with 3 loose female Atari SIO R/A connectors and 4 rubber feet Kit with Apelink instruction / information sheet    CB101921 $49.95

Apelink Kit.  Bare SIO board (requires soldering), 3 loose SIO R/A connectors, Black plastic project box (black box has already been modified with two left and right cut outs for SIO connectors and one top cable in hole (Internal SIO cable strain relief plastic tie wrap supplied), 3rd SIO rectangular opening will have to be cut out of the bottom end of the top and bottom black cases.  4 internal case Apelink PCB board Phillips screws and 4 outside bottom case Phillips screws.  CB101411 $69.95

Assembled version of the above CB101921 kit (no box) with 3 SIO connectors soldered onto the Apelink board and 4 rubber feet.  Apelink instruction / information sheet    CB101921A  $64.95

Atari 850 Interface Serial CX87 Modem Cable CA015900-03  $15.00

Atari 850 Interface Printer cable  CB101279  $20.00

Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE / Disk Drive / Peripheral SIO Devices 3 foot SIO cable CA014122 $10.00

Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE / Disk Drive / Peripheral SIO Devices 3 foot SIO cable CA014122-JAE $15.00 (See Best SIO cable information tip below)

Atari 400 / 800 / XL / XE / Disk Drive / Peripheral SIO Devices 5 foot SIO cable CX81 $14.00

Atari SIO Cable Information Tip:   Over the 20 to 25+ years Atari produced their 8 bit computers (400 / 800 / 1200XL / 600XL / 800X / 65XE / 130XE / XE Game Machine, all used the 13 pin (triangular shaped custom made connector) female Atari SIO (Serial In Out) cable to interface external devices (Atari Disk drives, Atari Cassette program recorders, Atari 850 Interface, Atari Modems, Atari Printers and so on to their Atari 8 bit computers.  Stock Atari made SIO cables (Atari had many many different world wide manufactures make the Atari SIO cables) came in a 3 and 5 foot versions.  Most of the Atari SIO 13 pin cable connectors were hand assembled (top and bottom connector shells and main connector body) and then either screwed together (nut and screw) or riveted together or a few had Injected together solid bodies onto the SIO cable itself.   About 80 to 90+% of all of the Atari SIO cables made over the years used the Molex type of internal (inside the SIO connector body) Spring Metal contact for the 13 female contacts.  When you plugged in an Atari SIO cable into the Atari mating right angle 13 pin Male SIO connector (on all Atari 8 bit computers and external Atari 8 bit devices) the SIO Cable connector Molex spring contact made a single point contact with the mating Atari SIO Male round pin receptacle.

Considered by Best Electronics as one of the very best made 3 foot SIO cables Atari ever made, was the one that was made in Japan for Atari.  What makes this Japan made Atari SIO cable better than any others made over the years are two reasons.  One the JAE (Japan Aviation Electronics, letter marking on the outer SIO connector shells) 3 foot SIO cables used round female connector metal contacts inside the SIO cable connector body, so each mating SIO receptacle male pin made 100% (360 degree) contact with the female SIO cable round metal connector pin.  Second reason is the JAE 3 foot SIO cables have an attached strain relief on the cable ends that prevents the SIO cable (as it goes into the 13 pin connector shells) itself from pulling out of the SIO connector body.  Old Atari users (400 / 800 / 1200 computer era) remember that the very early Atari made SIO cables made, the SIO cable end would pull out of the SIO connector body (no internal cable strain relief device) and expose the 13 wires outside / backend of the SIO connector body.  If this Atari SIO cable connection was inserted and extracted or moved a lot, the SIO wire connections inside the SIO connector body would end up breaking and you would end up with a bad SIO cable.  Best Electronics has a very limited supply of the New Atari JAE 3 foot SIO cables in stock.  If you would like one, please specify when you order an Atari 3 foot SIO cable.

Indus Atari 8 bit GT Disk Drive Upgrade ROM.  This plug in Unreleased Indus OS Rom will give you a Faster Sector Mode 50 - 75 faster, Increased Stepper Rate of 50% faster and Shortened Motor Timeout from 9 seconds to 2.5 seconds.  Requires you dissemble your Indus Disk Drive, unplug the old OS chip and insert the upgrade OS chip.   Includes the New Indus OS chip and 1 page written instructions. CB103141 $15.95

Indus Atari 8 bid GT Disk drive Factory Diagnostic Disk.  CB101725 $15.00

Rana Atari 8 bit disk drive Atari User written 20 page Field Service Manual.  CB101718 $30.00

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